Finally an Eaglet Picture!

Baby's first picture.

Baby’s first picture.

New carpet delivery.

New carpet delivery.

The aerie from Eastwood Lake.

The aerie from Eastwood Lake.

I often impatiently pray for patience. That is dangerous because patience is learned through trials. Waiting is not one of my virtues. Traffic signals, grocery store checkout lines and drive-thru windows can be frustrating for me. Waiting to see the face of the new eaglet(s) is not any easier.

The little guy has stuck his bobblehead up high enough to be seen on the Eagle-Cam a few times this week and then yesterday Roger captured the above image from Eastwood Lake, about 1/2 mile from the nest! Can you see him (her)? There it is, right between the two vertical branches. OK, we know that there are better baby pictures on ultrasounds but this is our first image of a 2013 eaglet so I just had to share it. Afterall, there may be more patiently challenged eagle fans out there in Blogland. We promise better images in the future. (By the way, the odd-looking mass in the upper right corner of this image and just outside of the nest is the remains of a plastic grocery bag that was snagged on that twig during recent high winds. It is also visible on the Eagle-Cam and is slowly ripping apart. As long as the eaglets do not ingest any pieces of this bag it poses no threat to their safety but must be a noisy nuisance as it flaps in the wind day and night. Like an airport windsock it shows the speed and direction of the breeze and illustrates just how terribly windy treetop living can be.)

By now the eaglets are able to maintain their own body temperature so Cindy spent a lot of time on the rim of the nest yesterday. The summer-like temperatures and the stiff breeze must have felt pretty good after Wednesday morning’s drenching thunderstorm. I was able to capture the image of Jim carrying a large clump of grass into the nest late Wednesday afternoon. He had to use both feet to carry the load but managed to land quite gracefully anyway. They will use the grass to recarpet the nursery. Before long the eaglets will begin to climb up to the rim of the aerie to shoot their whitewash over the side of the nest but for now they are making a mess of things. The new grass will plug any holes between the sticks in the nest floor, cut down on parasites in the nest, provide a soft resting place and just make things smell better.

The Osprey have returned to the well field like they have in early April for years. One flew quite near the nest yesterday and the eagles watched it pass but let it go unmolested. I have not yet seen Jim or Cindy chase down a fish-toting Osprey this year, but they will.

I have finally remembered to mark the viewing area of Eastwood Lake with orange flagging ribbon. If you stand by the ribbon on the utility pole and look above the ribbon on the guard rail, you will see Jim and Cindy’s aerie in the distant treetops. About 80% of their fishing takes place on Eagle Lake across Harshman Road from Eastwood but after being relieved from sitting in the nest they will spread those beautiful wings and soar skyward, occasionally passing over this spot to fish from Eastwood Lake.

I have learned that some things simply take time. There is a lot that is happening in that nest as we wait. The eaglet(s) are bonding to Jim and Cindy and to each other. They are learning the sights, sounds and smells of the world surrounding their lofty haven. They are trusting Mom and Dad for nourishment, shelter and protection. They are learning the art of parenting. Instinct will get them started but it is the lessons being learned each day in that aerie that will make them successful parents someday. I will probably never see Jim or Cindy’s parents, but they must have been something because they certainly trained their little ones well. Now that I think about it, maybe waiting isn’t such a trial after all. Somethings are just worth waiting for.

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  1. Hi eaglejim, I too have been watching the eagle cam and thought I saw movement, but wasn’t sure. So happy that it is an eaglet!! I liked the photos also. I saw some small birds on branches looking into the nest and they remained there for a while. I was beginning to think that you planted a camera on the birds just so you could get a better look!! And now with your post explaining how impatient you are, well?? Polly.

  2. Now there is an idea Polly. I have toyed with the idea of a camera strapped to the back of a fish but I figured that the fish would just sink to the bottom of the lake. Jim

  3. These stories and seeing the pictures and views from the webcams make my day!

  4. Glad you enjoy them Kathy. If the weather ever decides to stay warm and dry for more than a day we may have even more pictures and stories to share.

  5. I love it !! Watch them all the time…..

  6. You have a lot of company watching with you Opal!

  7. Great idea re the marker flag as that will remove all doubt as to where to plant a tripod!
    Hope to make it out there to cheer the “gang”
    on very soon as per our last email conversation about 3 wks ago. Would have been there much sooner but had to undergo a Herculean trip to get my 96 yr young Mom from out of her WPB, Fl. Aprtmnt to a long term health care facility in Msbg instead. Nonetheless was able to stay abreast of Jim’s and Cindy’s farings via the great blog while there and packing. Am happy to be
    back and see you out there soon.

  8. Thanks for the comment Jay. I hope your mother will find her new surroundings comfortable and the staff compassionate and responsive. The eaglet(s) are really active now and Jim and Cindy are sometimes occupied with just staying out of the way of energetic flapping and hopping.

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