One, Two, ?

Baby oh baby!

Baby oh baby!

Well there you have it. For weeks it has appeared that Jim and Cindy have been feeding more than one eaglet up in that aerie and today we have proof of at least two little heads waiting for the next meal delivery. Last year we were eventually blessed with the surprise of a third little head peeking over the rim of the nest. Should there be a third eaglet again this year we will be very pleased but we rejoice at the sight of two healthy little ones.

The Bald Eagle is no longer classified as “endangered” or even “threatened” but each individual bird is precious and each new eaglet carries with it the promise of a better tomorrow, a tomorrow of continued recovery and skies filled with the graceful forms of soaring eagles drifting across the heavens. These two young ones have no idea of the wonderful possibilities that will fill the months ahead nor of the future adventures awaiting them.

Together we will watch as those four fuzzy wings take on majesty and those two little heads take on the proud and noble profile of an American Bald Eagle. Together we will witness the weeks of transformation. Perhaps we too, have only a partial understanding of what is about to unfold before us.

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  1. Awesome! Great work too in sharing these awesome n exciting pictures in time. Thanks to all involved.

  2. Hi eaglejim, I’m so glad there are 2 eaglets, that way they won’t be alone as they get bigger. But I’m pretty sure I saw them trying to take food out of turn from the parent eagle! And I’m so amazed how quickly they are growing and moving around the nest.Their little heads peeking up higher and higher. I wonder if Jim and Cindy have mentioned to them the public interest that they have created, cameras, blogs, comments, and then replies. I sure hope they don’t mind, because I’m loving it!! Polly.

  3. They watch us as we watch them Polly, but we are part of their everyday world so I doubt if they realize how special they are and because we respect their privacy, they don’t seem to mind at all.

  4. You are welcome John. This is such a fun experience to share!

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