Faith and Trust

Anything you can do...

Anything you can do…

I can do better!

I can do better!

For all of their lives this pair of 2013 eaglets have known no world other than that of their aerie. By now they know every inch of it. They have pulled and tugged on many of its sticks and have peered over its rim at every angle possible. During periods of violent winds they have rocked to and fro in the safety of its massive bowl and they have fallen asleep in the security of its confines, swaying slowly and rhythmically in the gentle breeze, much like an infant a cradle. They have dined on its floor and they have known both chilling rain and warming sunshine while protected within its structure. This nest is their world. They know it well. It is comfortable. It is predictable. It is dependable. It is home. It is all that they have known.

What a tragedy it would be if they should stay there.

They are after all, American Bald Eagles. They are meant for far greater things.

They have also seen Mom and Dad fly from the nest and return with a meal of fish, turtles or ducks. They have looked skyward as Jim and Cindy danced in the skies overhead. They have seen the power and swiftness of Jim defending their nest from threats to their safety. They have used their keen eyesight to watch as Dad or Mom disappeared from the distant sky and sank behind the treetops only to emerge again with a glistening fish twisting franticly in their powerful grasp. They have bonded with their parents. They trust in their ability to protect them and provide for them. The adults, like the aerie, have proven themselves faithful.

We humans often talk of faith as “blind faith”, trusting in something that is unknown. I see faith as “seeing faith”, trusting in something because of what I do know. I cannot pilot or maintain an aircraft but when I leave the terminal and step through the door at the end of that long jetway I show my faith in the airline’s flight crew and the mechanics, people that I have never met, and trust my life  into their ability to transport me safely to my intended destination. If I need surgery, I trust my life into the hands of the surgeon and the Operating Room staff to safely do what must be done, trusting in their knowledge, training and ability.  Bus driver, grocer, auto mechanic, police officer, fire fighter, school teacher…we place our trust and faith in so many people every day based on what we believe and what we know. Just sitting down in a chair shows faith in its integrity and that of the people involved in its construction.

These young eaglets are being summoned to the skies. There is a yearning deep inside them that is urging them, compelling them to leave the comfort and security of their known world and step into something yet unknown to them. They were created for something far greater than sitting in the aerie, eating fish and flapping their wings. They have seen Jim and Cindy fly!  Individually, they will stand on the edge of the nest and look into the nothingness of the open air below them. Each of them will soon step into that nothingness and trusting in the obvious ability of their Creator, take a literal “leap of faith”, spread their magnificent wings and fly!

How I envy them.

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  1. thanks for the pics and info
    I don’t believe in naming wild life they are free not mine to claim,
    thx dma

  2. I envy them also. To soar above everything and be so majestic and proud, I get such a thrill watching them! I enjoy watching them jump up and down, and hitting each other with wings. So exciting but sometimes I think they are too close to the edge of the nest and talk to the computer screen! I know pretty silly, but I react like a protective mom! Thanks Jim for your post and pictures, as always I look forward to them. Polly.

  3. Thanks Polly. They grow up so fast.

  4. I understand your point and assigning human emotions to wild creatures is also frowned upon but it is so easy to become personally attached to these amazing birds. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Wonderful wording, Jim! These eaglets are definitely on their way to soaring skies the way they were created to be. I especially love the way you talked about faith and trust.

  6. Your prose matches the beauty of your photographs — thank you!!

  7. A beautiful piece of writing!!! I believe, trust and have faith in nature!!!

  8. Beautifully said.Jim………

  9. Thank you very much Beverly.

  10. Thank you for your kinds words Opal.

  11. Thank you for following our blog and these wonderful eagles Jennie.

  12. Thank you Bonnie. They are well on their way indeed.

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