Four Quick Updates

Cindy patiently waiting for her babies to fly.

Cindy patiently waiting for her babies to fly.

I wanted to take a minute to update all of you on four items that I had mentioned in recent postings here.

As of sunset tonight, both of Jim and Cindy’s eaglets were still in the nest. I expect them to fledge this week but they may possibly wait until next week.

The Clark County eaglets that were placed in a manmade nest after their nest was blown from its tree 9 days ago, are well. Their parents have finally accepted the new nest and are feeding the pair of eaglets. They too should fledge soon. I am hoping that the adults will begin building a new nest this fall within their territory near the C. J. Brown Reservoir and the adjacent Buck Creek State Park.

If you have been following the Peregrine Falcon chicks on the Falcon-Cam side of the Boonshoft Museum’s Raptor-Cam page, you have probably noticed that all three young’uns went missing Saturday morning. They are well and although they are not quite flying yet, they are mobile enough to hop/flutter onto the nearby ledges of the building that holds their box. Once in a while they may return to the box and the focus of the camera. They too may fledge this week.

And finally, our annual Eastwood Eagle Watchers’ picnic was a big success on Saturday. Although many of our group were otherwise committed, we still had around twenty people show up and we were able to meet seven eagle fans that we had not yet met face-to-face! We had attendees from 5 years old to well over 5. Eagle watching is a great way to build family bonds and enjoy the great outdoors with those you love.

As I typed these words I was struck again by what an incredible privilege it is to be able to witness all of this activity right here in the Dayton, Ohio area. With all of the new nests showing up in southwestern Ohio, spotting a majestic eagle soaring across the sky is becoming an increasingly more common occurrence and the more eaglets that fledge, the greater the opportunity for Jim and Cindy’s offspring to find a mate with whom they can form a lifelong pair-bond that will increase the odds of more eagles nesting in the local treetops. This is why I always remind people to “Keep looking up!” There may be a silent blessing soaring high above you.

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  1. OH so awesome to hear that Clark County is one big happy family again, thanks to all the great people that made it possible.
    Falcons thank you so much for that update because I was getting worried. LOL & last but not least it is very bittersweet to see Jim & Cindy’s eaglets go.
    Thank you so much for all your great updates it has been so wonderful to read about the things we don’t see on the camera.

  2. Wanted to make it to the picnic, but Saturday was packed. Hope to catch the next one.

  3. Thank you for following Jim and Cindy on our blog Jannice. Eagles, falcons and other birds of prey seem to thrive in the area now. As the 2013 babies start to fly I am already anticipating the 2014 nesting season and what it may hold for all of us!

  4. Sorry you couldn’t make it Shane. We actually had dry weather this year. I hope to see you next June.

  5. Anxiously awaiting further blog information. Going to museum. On the 20 th and see about membership and information. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  6. Thank you for your comment! Boonshoft is a neat place for kids of all ages.

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