One Off, One More To Go

Food delivered to the second eaglet.

Food delivered to the second eaglet.

Second eaglet enjoying the extra room.

Second eaglet enjoying the extra room.

The first of Jim and Cindy’s two eaglets has fledged from the nest! The juvenile is 84 days old. This continues the trend established by the first eaglets to fly of the 2011 and 2012 broods who also fledged around this age. Another 3-year-trend that continued is that immediately after the youngster flew, one of the adults flew into the nest with a fish. It is almost as if they are trying to keep the second eaglet in the nest while they tend to the novice flier. Although that reasoning is probably giving the eagles too much credit, it is an interesting behavior nonetheless.

I have not had any reports as to how successful the first flight was. Hopefully the youngster managed to safely land in a nearby tree and will roost there for the night. Jim or Cindy will bring it a meal and will roost somewhere nearby, possibly on the same limb. I am hoping to see it flying over the well field or even fly back to the nest in the next few days. They are predicting the possibility of severe thunderstorms with high winds and hail for tomorrow so there are no guarantees.

The second eaglet looks a bit lonely but seems to be enjoying the extra room in the nest. It spent most of the evening flapping its wings and rising several feet above the nest. It too should decide to fly in a day or two.

I snapped the above pictures from Eastwood Lake, quite a distance from the nest but you can clearly see that the second eagle can fly as well. I can only imagine how much courage it must take, or actually how strong the instinct to fly must become, before it will add forward motion to that vertical motion and take its first real flight.

For now we must be content to sit at a distance and watch, hoping and praying that all goes well. Fledging from the nest is one of the most dangerous events of a young eagle’s life, but it is also one of the most crucial. It must fly to hunt, to protect itself and to find a mate. Thankfully, flying is one of those things that eagles do so well. With a little luck, a lot of observation and some trial and error, these two young Bald Eagles will be hunting on their own and mastering the art of flight in no time!

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  1. The EEW vigilance is impressive, to say the least. Being in the right place at the right time ALWAYS!! Thanks for sharing and “Keep looking up”:)

  2. You know that we love doing what we do KeeKee!

  3. I read your post and then looked at the eagle cam a few minutes ago. Surprise, number 1 eaglet is back in the nest!! Maybe encouraging the other eaglet to try flying also. I hope they hang on tight tonight when the storms pass through! Thanks Jim for the updates! Polly.

  4. That is right Polly. It flew in and out of the nest several times today. Jim and Cindy still will bring fish to the nest so they will return to eat for a while. That nest may not be a good place to be tonight as the severe storms roll through. The well field crews reported that our new flyer is landing in adjacent trees as well. It will take it a few days of practice to become graceful while landing and less lumbering in flight.

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