Severe thunderstorms with lightning, hail and high winds could be impacting our area within the hour! After last year’s nest was destroyed by straight line winds 348 days ago this approaching weather raises concerns. That storm hit just two days after Jim and Cindy’s third eaglet had fledged the nest. Not only do we still have one eaglet in the nest tonight, the eaglet that fledged yesterday flew in and out of the nest several times today. Both eaglets were in the nest when I checked it just before sunset tonight. The bulk of the storms are predicted to stay just north of the nesting area but the latest radar images show the storms are intensifying along the southern edge of the bad weather.

We have received a report from the well field staff that the flying eaglet is landing somewhat awkwardly in the adjacent trees. It will become increasingly more graceful in this endeavor as it gains a bit of experience over the next few days.

The next few days are busy ones for me but I will try to let you all know how our eagle family fares. No news will be good news indeed.

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  1. Oh my thank you for the alert even if its bad. Please do lets us know when you get a chance, and you all be safe also.

  2. there’s a juvie and an adult on the nest this morning. you could see the effects of the storm last night with all of the wind buffeting the nest tree and branches (full screen in darkened room). the nest appears intact.

  3. Thanks Nancy! All smiles and grateful sighs here.

  4. Looks like we made it through the night, Jannice!

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