Impatient Again

As I watch the lone eaglet sitting in the aerie a week after its sibling took to the skies, I find myself growing impatient again as I want to hurry nature along. But my anxiety carries with it a familiar pang that reminds me that I have been here before. Every year as a matter of fact. That familiarity brought to mind a little poem I penned back on June 16, 2011, after my then 6-year-old grandson had asked me why Jim and Cindy’s first pair of eaglets, Spirit and Pride, had not yet fledged from the nest. Reading it again reminded me that I am not in control of their schedule, nor should I be.

Two Little Eaglets

Two little eaglets

Way up in the tree.

Two little eaglets,

Looking down at me.

You sit there in your aerie

Staring at the sky,

And every time you flap your wings

My heart lets out a sigh!

Silly little eaglets

Hovering o’er the nest,

Do you not know that you can fly?

Your wings will stand the test.

Do you even care, I’m waiting here

To see you soaring high?

I’m tethered to the earth below

But you, you own the sky!

If I were an eaglet

And could do what you can do,

Without a moment’s hesitation

I would launch into the blue!

(But wait! One’s perched upon the edge!

It leans into the breeze!

It spreads its wings! It hops back down.)

You’re such a little tease.

I know that you are old enough,

Your wings are sure and strong.

Dancing high across the sky

Is where you two belong.

You’re made for inspiration.

You can make the mute heart sing,

Rejoicing in your majesty

Borne up on outstretched wings!

“Why don’t you fly?” I ask out loud.

“When will you learn to soar?

I know that you are ready!

What are you waiting for?”

Then deep within my spirit

The eaglets speak somehow.

They say, “We’ll take that leap of faith

When we hear God whisper, “Now!””

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  1. Awesome poem! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Very nice words Eaglejim. Thank you for sharing this and all of your post.

  3. That is just beautiful. Do I understand this, your grandson wrote this poem?

  4. Jim, you are such an awesome writer! I enjoy your blog so much and this is a great poem to remind us yet again, that God is in control of all of nature and we are always short on patience. Thank you so much!

  5. Thank you for following Jim and Cindy along with us Bill.

  6. Thank you for enjoying my ramblings Paul.

  7. No Jannice, I wrote it after my grandson asked why the eaglets had not flown yet. Sorry for the confusion. I am glad that you enjoyed it. The verse is simple but the message was a powerful one that I needed to hear.

  8. Thanks again Joyce. I was hoping that the message would speak to more than just me. I wrote it in about 10 minutes and when I read it back to myself I truly felt a calming reassurance from the reminder that God is in control. I guess it is silly to become anxious about a wild creature taking its first big step into the wild but I do it every year. I figured that others might need that encouraging reminder as well so I posted it. As with most of my “poetry” it came to my mind and out my fingers so fast that I had no idea where it was leading until it was done. Call it inspiration or whatever, but I sometimes struggle to keep up with the flow as I write and often have to read it myself afterwards to see what I had written. It is almost always a thought that I need to hear at the time. The prose is usually unsophisticated and the meter is rough making them unfit for public consumption but I am moved by the message that I find lying before me when my scribbling is complete.

  9. Love your blog, go eaglets Fly

  10. That was so beautiful, Jim. You sure know how to make a sappy lady cry!! You put into words what I think we all feel in our hearts and you do it so perfectly. The whole reason for this awesome eagle family to fly is what God wanted. And when he thinks the youngest is ready, the eaglet will join it’s family. Your heart speaks the passion you have for this eagle family and I am so thankful that you share it with all of us. I hope to meet this talented author some day! I was a little sad that I didn’t see any eagles on Sunday but through your eyes I have! Thanks again. Polly.

  11. Thanks again for your kind words rhboian.

  12. Well keep those tissues handy Polly. We never know what thrills and scares lie just around the corner of this wonderful adventure that we are all on together!

  13. Beautiful poem with true ways God has given these birds to inspire us.

  14. I love the poem. It’s so true. We’re anxious to see the next stage, but then they’ll be gone.

  15. Thank you Ernest, and inspire us they do.

  16. I am so glad that you enjoyed it Nancy. Although the next stages may be away from the eagle-cams we will be sure to keep you posted on their activities until they leave and update you if the eaglets come home for a visit.

  17. Well… it looks like the parents of the eaglets and falcon chicks are both “empty-nesters” now:) Looking forward to fledgling progress news:) Great poem, Jim.

  18. Another successful nesting season is now behind us KeeKee. I wonder what lies ahead. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.

  19. I came upon your site through a posting from the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam crew and what a blessing it is. We spend the winter in Ft. Myers and we have an eagle pair, Ozzie and Harriet. They had two eaglets, Hope and Honor, who left the area in April. What a delightful experience it was….my first. I’m thrilled to have found your site. I am from the Cleveland area so now I’ll be able to watch two eagle families.
    That website is

    The camera was damaged in a storm and should be repaired by next season. All of the pictures and videos can be found on Facebook and youtube.

    Your poem is really beautiful, Jim. You are a very eloquent writer as well.

    Your poem is simply beautiful, Jim
    I enjoyed your poem immensely, Jim. You are a very eloquent writer.

  20. Ooops. My last comment about your poem kept disappearing so I wrote it several times but I see it showed up every time. However, it does deserve all of the accolades. 🙂

  21. Thank you for your kind words Joanie. As you may already may know since you are from Cleveland, Ohio Bald Eagles are slightly larger than the Florida eagles but that has no effect on the excitement of eagle watching. When I was in Florida in May I was thrilled to watch them there as well. Let me encourage you, and all newcomers, to browse through our older posts to learn a little more about Jim and Cindy’s story and the amazing comeback of Bald Eagle populations in Ohio.

    I am glad that you found my poem enjoyable as well. As for the eloquence of my words, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” as they say. I am grateful that you found beauty there. I find such beauty in the tenderness, gracefulness and power of these amazing creatures that my words cannot capture it all.

  22. Thanks again Joanie. You are too kind.

  23. Hello, was online surfing for the image of an eagles teaching her eaglets to fly and I came across your poem. It’s so captivating and thoughtful. Indeed God has a time for us all.

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