Initial Eaglet Report

The injured eaglet that was recovered yesterday is doing very well. The vet has examined the feisty youngster and has found NO broken bones or other serious injuries! They suspect it has strained or sprained a muscle in its left wing. It will be fed today and is being kept in a nonflight cage at Glen Helen. It can move around and hop up onto low perches but cannot fly in that cage. The gender of the bird has not been determined. If I hear more, I will post it here.

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  1. Thanks so much for the optimistic report!

  2. good glad it was not hurt serious

  3. Thank you, Jim!

  4. Hear* 🙂

  5. Thanks Jan! I caught my spelling error when I reread it before I posted but I was in such a hurry to get out the good report to worried eagle fans I forgot to correct it. Hear, hear, to your sharp eyes! (Or is that Here, here?) Thanks again.

  6. such wonderful news! Thank you for the update.

  7. Jim, thanks for the encouraging update. It makes my heart soar like an eagle. I do have a question. I think you said if/when the eaglet is released back to his nest site, Jim and Cindy would be looking for it. If it takes, say a month to rehabilitate, will J & C still recognize and accept the eaglet? Just curious.



  8. what will they do with the bird take it back to the nest or just let it go.

  9. You can’t see me, but I am doing the HAPPY DANCE. Thank you for the update.

  10. Prayers going out to all of you who care so much for these beautiful eagles!! What a sick feeling you must have felt after that phone call but also a relief now to learn that the eaglet is doing well! And hopefully will recover 100%!!! Thanks Jim for all the information, please keep us posted. Polly.

  11. You are welcome Peggy. Good news is a joy to share!

  12. There are no guarantees Sandy, but I believe that Jim and Cindy still seem to recognize their previous eaglets. I have seen then chase wandering juveniles off but soar with some others, even perching with them in the nest tree when there are no eggs or new eaglets present. I am quite sure that the eaglet’s sibling will recognize it as well. Jim or Cindy (usually Cindy)will sometimes disappear for a week or two while the other stays here, but are always welcomed home when they return. (Cindy even returned once in the company of another male that Jim immediately chased off. He showed up a couple of times again for a few weeks but Jim would not let him even perch anywhere near the well field.) Eagles form a life-long pair bond with their mates. If they can recognize each other I am sure they can recognize their own juveniles.

  13. If it continues to do well and regains its ability to fly, it will be released back into the well field as soon as possible Bandit. It may not be able to hunt on its own yet and will need a little parental intervention still.

  14. Just don’t trip over the dog Jannice!

  15. Thank you Polly. Prayers are always much appreciated. Hopefully the not-so-little eagle will continue to mend with no more surprises and no more injuries. I will definitely keep everyone posted.

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