And Life Goes On

Jim on Monday, July 1, 2013.

Jim on Monday, July 1, 2013.

2013 eaglet soaring high.

2013 eaglet soaring high.

After all of the excitement and commotion of the last few days, life goes on at the well field. I have received many questions from followers of this blog and I will try to answer some of those questions in the remainder of this post.

Roger took the above picture of Jim on Monday as he (Jim, not Roger) was perched in a tree on the west end of Eastwood Lake. It is somewhat unusual for Jim to perch at that end of the lake although he does fish in that area occasionally. This change of behavior led us to wonder if Jim had been searching for the missing eaglet. When we lost the eaglet, Spirit, in 2011, Cindy was seen repeatedly flying back and forth in the area for a couple of days. We assumed then that she was indeed searching for her missing eaglet.

The injured eaglet that was recovered on Sunday is still doing well. It was able to eat a rat on Monday as the Glen Helen Raptor Center staff tested its ability to eat and digest food. If the youngster does well its food will be increased and fish will be added to its diet. The cage that the eaglet will call home during its recuperation period is in a nonpublic area in an effort to limit its exposure to humans and to give the young eagle as much quiet and privacy as possible. Betty Ross warns us that there is always the possibility that the eaglet may have yet unknown issues such as internal injuries and that rehabilitating an injured eaglet does not always go as well as we may hope.

The other eaglet from this year’s nest is doing very well. I watched the youngster soaring in the blue skies above the well field for around 20 minutes today and I was able to snap the above picture of the juvenile high in the hazy skies. We have had several days of rainy weather and today’s sunshine not only caused a lot of evaporation from the damp pavement and the soggy ground, but the sun’s heating also created the thermal updrafts necessary for soaring. Today’s encounter was the first time that I have seen this eaglet since last week’s storms and I will admit that I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it flying so gracefully.

Many of you have expressed your gratitude for the work of those people who were involved in the recovery of the injured eaglet as well as those individuals that keep the Boonshoft Museum’s Eagle-cam operational. I have passed your gratitude on to our partners in these activities. Your kind words are greatly appreciated by all.

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