The Latest on the Injured Eaglet

Cindy searching in the twilight.

Cindy searching in the twilight.

The 105 day old eaglet is doing quite well. In fact it began flying yesterday. On its own it flew from the ground to a high perch and then across the cage. In fact it was trying to get to the neighboring adult eagle by pushing on the cage door so they opened the door and the two are now perching together. Even though it is flying, the eaglet is still favoring its left wing. But the 150′ long cage will provide it with ample room for exercising the damaged wing without overstressing it.

Meanwhile Jim and Cindy still appear to be searching for the missing eaglet. Yesterday at nightfall, Cindy flew west along Route 4 over the northern shore of Eastwood Lake. Usually when she takes this route she continues west towards downtown but this time she made a sharp left turn and crossed the lake near the restrooms and headed towards the Mad River before retracing her steps back to the well field.

Hopefully the eaglet will continue to mend with no set backs and can be reunited with Jim and Cindy as soon as that wing is fully healed.

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  1. Oh how I love good news! But my heart goes out to Cindy as she searches for her baby and probably wonders where the eaglet could be. Hopefully soon she will be reunited with her baby. Many prayers go out to the raptor care givers and that the eaglet will be soaring high above us soon. Thanks Jim! Polly.

  2. What a great update, thank you for keeping us informed on how its doing.
    Dear Cindy, she is such a good mother I hope eaglet gets released before she gives up.

  3. Dear Jim: I really to appreicate all you pictures and updates on the eagles. I have been a hugh fan on them for several years. I also contriubute to the eagle cam each year. Diana always advises me whenthey are nesting. Again thank you so much for all your updates and the beautiful pictures you send. I appreciate themall so much. Again than you so. much. Jane Hiser, Piqua, Oh

  4. Hurray! Thanks for the update. So glad to hear he is doing better. It’s nice to think that Jim & Cindy are missing him and may just wait for his return. On this 4th of July I am proud to be an American and proud to have the American Bald Eagle as our national symbol. Happy 4th to you and everyone involved with this project.

    Sandy in Omaha

  5. Thanks for the update. I am praying this eagle heals and returns to freedom. TG

  6. Thanks again Polly. We hope that they all are reunited soon!

  7. Jannice, if she is anything like my mother was, she will never give up.

  8. It is our pleasure to share, Jane. I am glad that you enjoy our projects so.

  9. Happy Independence Day to you too Sandy! Nothing quite captures the true spirit of freedom and independence like an American Bald Eagle flying free!

  10. Thank you for your prayers TG. People often say, “The least I can do is pray.” I am quick to remind them that prayer is the MOST we can do.

  11. Amazing news and thanks for the diligent work you do bringing all of us the latest. I may have missed reading about this, but would the eaglet be fitted with a transmitor and imagine she has been banded. I look forward to hearing all you find out once the baby is returned to the area of the nest. Thanks. .

  12. Thank you C. Londres for your appreciation of or efforts. You may be surprised to learn that the Ohio Division of Natural Resources has discontinued their Bald Eagle programs this spring which included their banding program. In fact, since the Bald Eagle has been delisted, they no longer officially document activities at the nesting sites in Ohio.

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