Reunion Time!

Cindy watching and waiting.

Cindy watching and waiting.

I took the above picture of Cindy as she perched high atop a tree at the east end of Eagle Lake this morning. This perch gave her an excellent vantage point to look out over Eagle Lake, Eastwood Lake and the sky above the well field. She just sat and watched for a long time. It has been 8 days since her injured eaglet was captured and taken to the Glen Helen Raptor Center for recuperation. For several days she flew the skies apparently searching the treetops for her offspring. Now she sits and watches. She is a good mother and tomorrow her patience will be rewarded.

Weather permitting, the now healthy eaglet will be released back into the well field in the morning. Once it is successfully retrieved from its flight cage (which will be no easy task) it will be transported back to the well field in a carrier. There the carrier door will be opened and the youngster will use its two strong wings to ascend into the freedom of the skies again. I am sure that its return will be noted by all three of the other eagles in its family.

All of this activity will be far from the public eye and we have no way of knowing if the eaglet will head to a perch in a nearby tree, which will be likely the case, or go higher into the sky where Jim or Cindy may join it.

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  1. Wonderful news. Thanks so much for the updates!

  2. Jim do you know if there will be a camera to film this and later posted for the fans? 🙂 I would love to see baby released and even better yet Cindy when she spots it! 🙂

  3. Wonderful news indeed Carolyn!

  4. I am not yet sure if we will be able to capture the moment with our cameras Darlene.

  5. My heart sings with joy!

  6. And I am sure that it is a beautiful song Gigi.

  7. I wish you could see this old lady doing the happy dance.

  8. This is wonderful news! And I pray all goes well! What a remarkable story and I also wish I could see the reunion, but understand the logical reasons. Thanks Jim for all you do to inform us! Polly.

  9. I am glad that we could help with your morning exercise Jannice!

  10. I am excited about the events that this morning holds Polly. I will let you know how it goes.

  11. Jim,
    Thank you for all you and the others do and for keeping us informed. My heart is soaring with the great news about the eaglet. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone as the eaglet is reunited with his family. Isn’t it miraculous what can be done to help God’s creatures!! I hope Cindy is there tomorrow for the reunion.

    Sandy in Omaha

  12. Thank you again Sandy. God’s beauty and majesty are openly displayed in this wonderful world that He has created. It is pure joy to be able to participate in a story like this.

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