The Ebb and Flow of Life

All creatures experience periods of idleness and periods of hyperactivity. Many refer to this natural cycle as “the ebb and flow of life”.

In our own lives we can all recall those periods that flowed with hyperactivity, increased demands and the associated mental and physical stress that would have simply burned us out if it weren’t for the intermittent times of quiet, solitude and restoration. Those idle hours recharge our systems, preparing us for (and enabling us to survive) the demands of the next hyper phase. As it is with human beings, so it is with Bald Eagles. The recently completed nesting season has confronted Jim and Cindy with many challenges but they have conquered them all. The incubation and brooding stages had taken its toll on them and teaching the fledglings to hunt and survive on their own presented the adults with new challenges and greater demands. (Anyone who has chased after a toddler for a day or two knows just how exhausting that can be.) That hyperactive period has now subsided and Jim and Cindy are enjoying the lull of the current ebb of activity.

Both juveniles are apparently hunting on their own now and are no longer following Mom and Dad around, looking for a free meal. Jim and Cindy are often seen in separate locations, sometimes miles from the nest and miles from each other, perched in large trees or fishing the lakes and rivers of their domain. Slowly, their dirty, worn and tattered feathers are being cleaned or replaced. They are spending a lot of time preening and bathing. They are finally able to take some time for themselves. That is what August is for. With the coming of September and autumn they will once again feel the draw of the approaching courting season. They will experience that all-consuming attraction to each other that pair-bonded eagles know so well. They will become inseparable. They will begin tapping beaks and preening each other. I suspect that this annual re-bonding is another part of their physical and mental restoration for the demands of next spring,

But this is their “me time”. This is their time to individually hunt, fish, soar and be free! Roger recently captured the following images of Jim doing just that, fishing the waters of the northeast corner Eastwood Lake.

The hunter.

The hunter.



Heading to a quiet spot to dine.

Heading to a quiet spot to dine.

We are in the intermission phase of the epic drama of which we are so blessed to be a part. The music quietly has faded into the background and the activity has slowed. We wait patiently for the next act to begin. As we wait our anticipation will grow, our curiosity will peak. What will the next act reveal? How will it be played out before us? We know that the music will soon begin to slowly swell, almost beyond perception at first, as The Great Maestro summons the actors back from this brief intermission and the drama starts to unfold once more and a new cycle begins in the ebb and flow of life.

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  1. Nice article & pictures. I haven’t seen “my” adult eagles in quite a while now, although I’ve spotted the 3 eaglets occasionally flying in the vacinity of their nest near Steubenville. With all the leaves on the trees, it makes it hard to find them if they aren’t flying, so I haven’t visited that area too much lately. Instead, I’m using this “me time” to work on a scrapbook of my eagle pictures. Hoping they’ll eventually be back so I can take some more pictures & enjoy a new family of eaglets.

  2. Enjoyed another great season with the Eagles. Thanks for sharing the pictures and updates.

  3. Jim and Roger –
    Thank you so much for providing me with an “intermission” to the tedium of life email so often brings. I look forward to each blog entry and photos. You two and Jim and Cindy bring an adventure to life – your time is appreciated. Linn Coon

  4. Loved this essay. Ebbing here but things are ramping up in the Southern Hemisphere.

  5. Jim, thanks again for your wonderful words of wisdom. Please take care of yourself and stay in touch .

    Bob Boian

  6. Jim, your eloquent stories and descriptions are second to none. I always look forward to your reports.

  7. Another fine story so elloquently written and the pictures of the eagles make my day.
    Thank You!

  8. I always look forward to your posts and hearing about the eagle family. I’m glad that Jim and Cindy have been seen and are doing well, and I guess we wait for the next chapter in their lives!! I hope you and your wife are having a great summer. Thanks Jim!! Polly.

  9. Beautifully said…

  10. They will be back Karen. Until then I am more than willing to share ours.

  11. You are welcome Joy. The autumn promises to be very interesting.

  12. Thank you Linn. It is good to be appreciated. We will share more as the adventure continues.

  13. The ebbing will be short-lived Gigi, as the beginning of courting season is almost upon us. We are glad you enjoyed the essay.

  14. Thank you for your kind comment Bob.

  15. Why thank you Jim. I am glad that you enjoy my postings.

  16. Thank you Kathy. The eagles are harder to spot lately because they are venturing off a lot and the leaves make finding them more challenging.

  17. Thanks again Polly. We are having a wonderful summer. Waiting for that next chapter can be hard to do but I need the intermission to get a few things done around the house before the leaves begin to fall.

  18. Thank you Pat. The words can never capture the beauty of these eagles but we try.

  19. So excited … I saw my eagles yesterday!! This time, I saw only the 2 adults, none of the 3 little ones. Got a few pictures, so I’m very excited.

  20. They are hanging around Karen. That is a very good sign! I am very happy for you!

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