Can You See The Music Building?

In my last post I mentioned how this quiet period of restoration will soon slowly draw to a close and Jim and Cindy will once again be drawn closer together as they hear The Love Song of Nature begin to swell. Then they will become inseparable once again.

Can you hear the faint strains of music wafting aloft on the late summer breeze? Neither can I. But they can.

Today Jim and Cindy were seen together again, perched side by side in the large barren tree at the northeast corner of Eastwood Lake. Unfortunately, there were no cameras nearby to capture an image of the pair and an approaching fisherman, all too soon, scared them off. A short time later, Jim returned to Eastwood and Roger was able to capture these images.

The tower for reference.

The tower for reference.

The approach.

The approach.

Power, grace and sheer beauty.

Focused power, grace and sheer beauty.

Surveying his domain.

Surveying his domain.

As you can see, our boy is sprouting some new tail feathers. I had quipped that taking care of this year’s pair of eaglets had caused Jim to work his tail off but in reality he is just donning his best apparel for the upcoming courting season. As that time grows closer, Jim and Cindy will become a bit more predictable as they spend more hours together and develop more regular routines like morning or evening fishing runs to Eastwood, Eagle or Huffman Lakes. More predictability also means better eagle watching and better photo opportunities.

Late every summer, the angelic musicians of the invisible orchestra take their seats  and expertly tune their instruments. Each September they begin to play. Each note is played to perfection. Each measure intricately embraces the next. Before the kiss of autumn caresses the leaves, the music will build, Jim and Cindy will begin to dance across the skies, and those of us tethered to the earth below will watch in rapt fascination… But I am getting ahead of myself, carried away by promise and anticipation.

For now I am content to sit quietly and listen as the silent strains of pure rapture begin to fill the air. Although I cannot hear a single note, they can! And I am thrilled to be blessed with a chance to experience the beauty of that heavenly music by simply watching Jim and Cindy as they respond to the orchestra’s call. Can you see the music building?

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  1. How beautiful your writing is. Thank you very much.R

  2. I am glad that you found beauty in my words Robert. Thank you for following Jim and Cindy with us.

  3. Jim, your talent is amazing. The writings you share with us plant deep in our hearts. I read your words and looks at Roger’s amazing captures and my heart swells with love for Jim and Cindy ~ thank you my friend for sharing with us!

  4. looks 😛 maybe ~ I look at Roger’s amazing captures ~ sorry about the typo folks 🙂

  5. How awesome is your writings! I truly enjoy reading them and the pictures – oh WOW! What a story. Jeanne

  6. Thank you Darlene. I just “call ’em like I see ’em”. They are amazingly inspirational creatures.

  7. Thanks Jeanne. They are quite a story indeed!

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