Five Big “Thank You”s

As most of you know, this Eastwood Eagle Watchers group was born back in the fall of 2008 shortly after Jim and Cindy flew into Dayton and started nesting. As we stood in the inclement weather watching the eagles, two other eagle enthusiasts and myself decided that there should be some process that we could use to share the beauty, grace and power of these majestic creatures. Our goals were simple. We wanted to do what we could to protect their privacy and insure their success while documenting their progress, as well as share the experience, as best we could, while educating others about the American Bald Eagle in general and Jim and Cindy specifically.  Soon doors began to open that enabled us to do just that.

Through a series of events we have been allowed some limited access to the nesting area that has presented us with the opportunity to better document their activity and assist in their protection.  We were able to be a small part of Dayton Power and Light’s decision to install avian protection devices on many power poles within the well field to protect the eagles by lessening the potential of accidental electrocution. We have been instrumental in the removal of several trespassers from the well field by the Dayton Police Department.  On two separate occasions we have responded to protect an injured eaglet from further harm until it could be safely retrieved by personnel from The Glen Helen Raptor Center. We were also privileged to be able to check on the welfare of Jim and Cindy and their three 2012 eaglets after the aerie was destroyed in that year’s  June windstorm.

We have met the second goal, that of sharing and education, through many means as well. We have been able to meet many fellow eagle fans at Eastwood Lake MetroPark and have assisted them in locating the aerie and the eagles. We have led Meet the Dayton Eagles events for the youth of The Glen Helen Raptor Center’s Raptor Camper program and for the general public in cooperation with Five River MetroParks. Roger’s pictures and my comments have been featured in The Dayton Daily News. Further we have conducted eagle education programs for local school children as well as nursing home residents. And of course, this blog, now followed by nearly 300 people, also serves as a great sharing and educational tool.

But by far, our greatest impact in sharing Jim and Cindy’s story has been in cooperation with our partners in The Boonshoft Museum’s Raptor Cam webpage. This site, that provides live streaming, online coverage of not only the eagle’s nest but downtown’s Peregrine Falcon nest as well, operates throughout the annual nesting season and is viewed in homes, offices and schoolrooms across North America and even on other continents. I have just received this year’s final analysis and the report shows that the Eagle Cam’s live feed had been visited 70,103 times in 2013! How is that for education and sharing? Additionally, 11,454 people visited Roger’s pictures and my updates on the site.

So now for those five big “Thank You”s that I mentioned back up there in the title. Thank you number 1 goes to God for bringing Jim and Cindy into our lives and opening those doors. Thank you number 2 goes to each and every one of you who view and follow the Boonshoft Raptor Page and this blog. You are greatly appreciated! Thank you number 3 goes again to all of our partners in the Eagle Cam project. Thank you number 4 goes to Jim and Cindy for being so amazingly inspirational and just downright fun to watch.

Thank you number 5 is a very special one. The Eastwood Eagle Watchers sincerely appreciates all of the hard work and dedication of our friend Diane Farrell, Vice President, External Relations of the Boonshoft Museum who has accepted a new position at the Dayton Metro Library. Your leadership and enthusiasm will be greatly missed and your friendship will be treasured for a lifetime. I asked Cindy to bring you something special as a token of our appreciation.


She contemplated her options for a long time before she finally decided to bring you a wonderful fish to keep as a pet and to help you remember us all. She searched the waters of Eastwood Lake for hours to find just the right specimen. Eventually she spotted the perfect one, carefully lifted it from the water and began to deliver the gift to your doorstep. Her hope was that whenever you would look at the friendly, bulging eyes and sweet, puckered-up face of your new little buddy, you would be instantly reminded of us and would find a smile on your own face as those fond memories flooded your thoughts.


Unfortunately, she got hungry, landed on a big mound of dirt and ate it.

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  1. Sir Jim, you are amazing…. Love love love your ending!!! To bad Diane’s not going to get her present!!! Maybe we should send flowers now that Cindy ate the fish LOL….. ♥ Good luck Diane and God Bless!!! And Thank You!

  2. Beautifully done! Thank you!

  3. I found out about the eagles through Boonshoft, my youngest loves bald eagles and we have tried to look for them. I hope to get lucky one day and see them and capture some wonderful pics like you have. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, too, for sharing your display with the Garden Club Federation of Dayton and Vicinity’s Flower Show held this past week at the Montgomery County Fair!

  5. Thanks Darlene. Diane promises me that she will stay involved and possibly get the eaglecam into all of the library branches!

  6. I am glad that you found it to be beautiful. Statistical facts are not very pretty but I wanted to share my gratitude. Apparently, the beauty of Jim and Cindy even permeates numbers!

  7. I’m hoping your youngest keeps that love for Bald Eagles for a lifetime. Seeing them may take some time and a bit of luck but it is well worth the effort.

  8. Thank you for bringing up our display at the Montgomery County Fair. I failed to mention that in my posting and omitted a big thank you to the good folks of the Garden Club for allowing us to be a part of the event!

  9. Beautifully done, Jim. Perhaps a fish plaque for the wall or one on a stand would be a nice alternative. 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful tribute with a funny little twist at the end. Loved it! To Jim and Cindy and all those care for them, thank you. Best of luck and much success to Diane Farrell!

  11. I can relate Cindy. Flying makes me hungry too. =)

  12. Thank you for another great story. You should write a book!

  13. I hope he does also and thanks.

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