Welcome to Dayton, Alaska

Ok, Dayton is still in Ohio but apparently the Bald Eagles don’t realize that. (Shhhh! Don’t tell them.) Eagles had been missing from the Dayton area for 70 years until Jim and Cindy relocated here in 2008. But this past weekend Roger snapped this amazing picture.


That’s right. One, two, three, four juveniles plus one adult! Five Bald Eagles in one tree at Englewood MetroPark! This is the time of year when eagles are roaming and exploring. This is the time of year when the juveniles are making new friends and hanging out much like young humans do. Sometimes, like children, they chase each other and play tag (or are they really getting on each other’s nerves and arguing).
Eventually an adult has to step in and break things up.




And the youngsters go their separate ways. For a while anyway. But knowing children as I do, the peace and quiet won’t last too long.



If you want to see these eagles, I would suggest that you visit the large parking lot at the south end of the wetland area (formerly the big lake) before they move on. They are most active during the early morning hours.

Like I said, in Alaska these scenes are very, very common, but this is southwest Ohio. In my experience of multiple decades of watching the skies around these parts, this is something new! And exciting. And beautiful. And really. really wonderful. So if these eagles are a bit confused, and much farther south than they think, I’ll make you a deal. If you promise not to tell the eagles that they are in Dayton, I will let you know when the salmon start running. (As long as there are no Grizzly Bears around.)

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!! How awesome! Great photography (as usual)… Can’t wait to see them; hopefully!

  2. Lots to see KeeKee! I was there for a while today and left with 553 images on my camera. Including a juvenile talon lock pic!

  3. Very nice! What is the eagle season there? Live in the Lexington, OH area with an eagle nest down the road and have family in your area. Will have to check into this more.

  4. Sadly with the ongoing drought the lake at Englewood MetroPark has dried up, sending almost all the wading birds and eagles looking for food elsewhere. Since the lake dried up I have not seen an eagle at Englewood until today. The largest of the immature eagles was digging in the muddy silt, then gave up and flew north. Thinking she was heading for the metro park lake off Martindale road, I hopped in the car and a short hike only to find a few herons fishing the long lake, not an eagles in sight. Well it was fun while it lasted; just wish their stopover would have lasted longer.

  5. Our eagles start working on the nest every fall and lay eggs in February. They stay here all year long Melinda.

  6. They were fun to watch Ron. We will have more up there this fall.

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