Just a Quick Update

Now that the Polar Vortex with its subzero temperatures has left the region there is some good news to report!

The Eastwood wildlife seems to have survived the cold snap quite well. As I was watching a first-year juvenile Bald Eagle hunting Coot on a small open water area in the middle of the otherwise frozen lake…

Scootin' Coots

Scootin’ Coots

Roger was down at Deeds’ Point in downtown Dayton watching Jim and Cindy snuggle close together on a riverside perch.

Love birds downtown.

Love birds downtown.

Our little Whitetail Deer family even made an appearance at Eastwood Lake. Ever-vigilant Dad was foraging and nibbling from the trees…

Watchful Buck.

Watchful Buck.

Buck munching from branches.

Buck munching from branches.

while Mom was keeping a close eye on her very hungry 2013 twins.

Hungry doe and twins,

Hungry doe and twins,

Alert and cautious Mama.

Alert and cautious Mama.

Oh deer! Look at that face!

Oh deer! Look at that face!

The only casualty that we have found was a duck. We found its frozen body under some power lines near Harshman Road. It appeared to have struck the lines in the inclement weather. Knowing that the frozen bird might draw an eagle towards the traffic, we relocated the remains to the safety of the frozen surface of the lake. The following morning, one eagle watcher observed  Jim retrieve the frozen breakfast and carry it off.

Roger did happen upon a scene that we did not like. As he was driving down Interstate 75 just south of Dayton, he saw an adult Bald Eagle fly from the median to the nearby trees. Dead deer and other road kill can be a dangerous meal to scavenging eagles.

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  1. Jim – loved your poem from yesterday, and your post from today. Very interesting to hear about the other wildlife in your area. You are so gifted in “painting these pictures” for all of us to enjoy.

  2. I’m glad that the deer family have survived this cold part of winter! The pictures were so good. You mentioned about an adult eagle in the median on I-75, I’m just assuming it wasn’t Jim or Cindy, right? That is very scary to even think about! Thanks Jim for all your updates and pictures!! Polly.

  3. I don’t know how I ever got signed up for posts, but I have thoroughly enjoy them. Thank you. I too am an eagle lover. You have a tremendous gift for telling a story.

    Fly high. Fly free.


    Sent from my iPod

  4. Welcome aboard Carolyn Essmann! I’m glad that you stumbled upon us and enjoy the blog!

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