What Are You Doing On February 17th?

Jim and Cindy would like to know.

On that date (barring any unforeseen problems) our Dayton, Ohio resident Bald Eagles will again become internet sensations as our partners at The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery will begin their fourth year of streaming live video of the aerie in the City of Dayton Mad River Well Field! The link to the video feed will be found on the boonshoftmuseum.org Raptor Cam page. There you will also find a link to many more of Roger’s stunning pictures as well as a link to this blog to keep everyone updated on progress at the nest and the parts of the story that the fixed video camera cannot show.

Jim and Cindy are doing their part to make the 2014 nesting season a successful one. I watched them diligently working on the nursery this morning. As in years past, Cindy stayed in the nest arranging and rearranging sticks while Jim brought more and more building materials to the nest. I did not see Jim bringing any moss, evergreen boughs or grass to the nest, although I was quite a distance away, so the nursery floor is not being carpeted yet. But all indications are that we are on schedule for the first egg being deposited in the nest in mid-February again this year.

Jim and Cindy, along with several wandering adults and juvenile Bald Eagles, are fishing the rivers downtown. Roger, Ray and I have captured many images over the last week of the action. As long as the lakes are frozen over, the rivers are the pantries of choice. There is still a pool of open water in the center of Eastwood Lake and that pool has provided a good fishing spot over the past month but ice fishermen have set up tents on the frozen surface of the lake and the human presence has scared the eagles and other wildlife away. Eventually the fishermen will leave as the ice thins but the unfrozen lake will allow the eagles a much wider pool to fish from and make viewing them more difficult.





What are you doing on February 17th? I invite you to join me in developing a healthy habit of regularly checking up on Jim and Cindy as the 2014 nesting season live-video streaming begins.

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  1. Can’t wait for the action to begin Jim……patiently waiting!

  2. I will be there!!! I have been waiting for your post on the date that the camera is ready. So excited and ready to watch Jim and Cindy prepare their nest for their new family! Thanks Jim, Roger and Ray for the awesome pictures!! And a big thank you to The Boonshoft Museum for their part in this too!!! Great job to everyone. Polly.

  3. Dear Jim: I have always contributed to the Eagle Cam and can’t wait until it starts up. I really miss Diane Farrell as always e-mailed back and forth about the eagles. Thank you for keeping me updated. Jane Hiser

  4. You do a wonderful job of writing in such a great way to keep everyone informed of Jim and Cindy. I watch several cams and you do the best job in the writing department! Thanks!

  5. Shouldn’t be long now Opal.

  6. Checking the eagle-cam is a great way to start each day Polly…or lunch hour…or dinner…or any time in between. Thank you for your support.

  7. Thank you for your commitment to the Eagle-Cam project Jane. Every meeting that I had with Diane was like meeting with a cheerleader. She has so much enthusiasm and is still a big supporter of the project. And boy, what a hugger!

  8. Thank you Bonnie. I wish we were able to upgrade our video cameras so we could see into the nest like some of the other sites I watch but there is not much tree above our nest. We love sharing the adventure with everyone.

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