And Away We Go!

The Boonshoft Museum’s 2014 Eagle-Cam is up and running for another year! This is the fourth year that The Eastwood Eagle Watchers have partnered with The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery to provide on-line, live, streaming video, photos and field updates of Jim and Cindy’s nesting season. The video stream can be found at Just click on the Raptor-Cam 2014 link and then choose the “Live Stream” button under the Eagle-Cam logo. There you will find 2 camera angles that you can toggle between. The cameras both need to be re-aimed a bit but the snowy conditions at the nest site have hindered that work. Our cameras are utility pole-mounted and provide views looking up at the south side and the north-west side of the aerie. Re-aiming the cameras requires that a bucket truck can safely access the poles. We do not have a camera mounted above the nest as Jim and Cindy’s Treetop Palace is indeed in the top of the tree. Therefore we cannot provide a view of the nursery floor .

This project is made possible through support from our corporate partners (McAfee Heating and Air, The McAfee Foundation for Children and Youth, Copp Integrated Systems, Beef ‘O’Brady’s and The City of Dayton Water Department) as well as the private donations of Jim and Cindy’s many fans and followers.

There are no eggs yet but we expect them very soon, unless the extremely frigid temperatures have delayed things a bit. Last week’s sub-zero lows are giving way to highs in the 50s later this week so maybe the bitter winter weather is finally behind us.

The eagles have been working on the nest constantly during the past week and have had some disagreements as to where certain sticks should be woven into the nest. These tug-a-wars, with an eagle pulling on either end of a stick as if they were trying to straighten it, always end with Cindy winning and placing the stick wherever she desires. Jim never wins an argument with his mate. (I can relate.) But that is almost always as it should be as the wife is almost always right! (I included that last statement just in case my own wife should ever see this posting.)

So the rest is up to Jim and Cindy. I hope that they realize that we are all hoping to see three little big-beaked heads peeking over the rim of the nest in April!




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  1. I love it! I’ll be getting on there tomorrow to get hooked up Jim. Can’t wait to start watching these awesome birds, Eagles and Perigrine Hawks. A pure delight !

  2. The cam was early, its been up since the 13th. I have gotten pictures of Jim & Cindy in the nest. At first I thought they had laid eggs already the way they were switching and laying in the nest Then it dawned on me it was way to early. LOL . I’m hoping it was J & C.

  3. Gives you thoughts of spring doesn’t it Opal!

  4. Shhhhh Jannice! That’s a secret! (OK, It’s not really a secret. They always come on-line a few days early so they can trouble shoot it and some of us can critique a few things.) One camera is inspecting the underside of the nest right now but the other one is fairly close to where it should be. Both still need to be adjusted and the lenses need to be cleaned. Hoping for eggs soon!!!

  5. I am sooooooo excited!!!!!! Another year of joy and anticipation for our eagles!!! And all of us who love them! Thanks to all who make this possible, and to you for including us in their story!!! Thanks Jim!! Okay now back to watching the life of Jim and Cindy! Polly.

  6. I was watching Cindy pull a stick out of Jim’s beak a minute ago Polly. I thought she was going to fall over the side of the nest when he let go! Hopefully they can get the cameras re-aimed and the lenses cleaned this week as the snow melts and before mud becomes an issue.

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