Do You Want To Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about Jim and Cindy and get to know them a little better, please come and join us.

Five River MetroParks is having an event on Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 10:00 AM at Eastwood Lake. The 90 minute event is called “Soaring Eagles And Quacking Ducks Along The Mad River” and the Eastwood Eagle Watchers will be leading the first portion of the event. We will be talking about Jim and Cindy and their struggles and triumphs since they settled in the well field in 2008. There will be scopes focused on the aerie for your use in viewing the eagles just 1/2 mile away.  Just yesterday I found one of our eagles feeding on dead ducks frozen to the ice on the lake. I watched for about twenty minutes as it pulled, tugged and twisted its frozen entrée to free it from winter’s icy grip. Then it passed over the spot where we will be meeting, circling several times only 60 feet above the ground. I am hoping that Jim or Cindy will fly by and wave at us.

The second portion of the event will focus on waterfowl at Eastwood Lake and nearby Huffman Lake. Walk ins are welcome but MetroParks is requesting registration by contacting them at 937.277.4178 so they can estimate how many people may be attending.

I have been in touch with our partners at The Boonshoft Museum, The City of Dayton Water Department and Copp Integrated Systems (who actually provide and maintain the cameras) regarding the need to re-aim both Eagle Cams. These folks are all good people and dedicated to this project and I am sure the work will be done as soon as possible. Please understand that he wooden utility poles supporting the cameras are in the middle of grassy areas and the heavy layer of snow had made it impossible for a large bucket truck to reach them. Now that the snow is gone the supersaturated ground will not support the weight of the truck. Further complicating the issue is the fact that the eagles are now incubating the egg(s). While Jim and Cindy are accustomed to the presence of heavy trucks in the well field and the poles are some distance from the nesting tree, we will not do anything that might cause them stress or pose a possible threat to the well-being of the egg(s). When conditions permit, an attempt will be made to correct the problem but if Jim and Cindy react at all, the crews will back off and try again in late April when the eaglets are a few weeks old and able to maintain their own body heat. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Now on a personal note: The Eastwood Eagle Watchers and Jim and Cindy  have lost a faithful and dear friend. Cindy Kennedy passed away this week just 19 days shy of her 62nd birthday. Our eagles were named in honor of Cindy and her late husband. Jim Kennedy worked for the City of Dayton Water Department and had passed away shortly before our eagles began nesting in the well field and the staff there dubbed the eagles “Jim and Cindy” in his honor. Anyone who has experienced the thrill of seeing a wild Bald Eagle in flight knows how uplifting it can be. Cindy loved to sit quietly and watch her eagle caress the clouds with her feathers and grace the skies with her majesty. She will be greatly missed.

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  1. Sorry to hear of the groups loss. I had wondered how the names were chosen. Hope to meet some of the eagle watchers in March.

  2. Jim… I am SO sorry to hear of Cindy’s passing… she was a treasure, and so fun to be around. She will be sorely missed during our outings.

  3. So sorry to hear about Cindy……but happy to know how our beautiful Eagles got their names. I’ve oftener wondered how they cme to be known as Jim and Cindy. It sounds like they were named well……

  4. Thank you Tish. I forget that many over our newer followers may not have revisited my previous postings that explained things like how the eagles were named.

  5. That is true KeeKee, quite a treasure.

  6. I had actually known Jim Kennedy for years as he worked with me in The City’s Civil Engineering Department before transferring to Water, Opal. It is funny how paths cross in so many ways during a lifetime.

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