And That Is As It Should Be

There has not been much eagle activity around Eastwood this week, and that is as it should be.

Jim and Cindy are preoccupied with their incubation duties. They always seem to know when hatching is drawing near and typically become extremely inactive during the last week of incubation. The first egg should hatch tomorrow, March 26, exactly 35 days after Cindy began displaying incubation behavior. After the little, chick-sized eaglet has pipped a hole through the side of the egg, it may struggle for as long as long as 48 hours to free itself from the eggshell. Then the tiny, vulnerable, big-beaked baby may sleep for 24 more hours before it can begin feeding. But its hunger will quickly grow and Mom and Dad will need to invest a lot of energy into keeping the brood of eaglets (and themselves) fed. That is why they pass through this current period of inactivity and rest, staying close to the aerie and far from our camera lenses.

But our cameras haven’t been resting, nor have the other birds of Eastwood. They too are preparing for springtime and all that lies ahead. Since we have no new eagle images to share, I thought I would have a little fun with just a few of my shots from the past week:

The Proclamation

There is a proclamation floating on the breeze,

dancing in the sunbeams, and ringing in the trees.

And all around our feathered friends wait to do their part

to announce the news to everyone and gladden every heart.

For Bald Eagle eggs are hatching,

the great symbol of our nation!

But poor Mallard drake has wet himself

in great anticipation.


The Red Tailed Hawk is all on edge,

and quite prepared to spring

into the skies to share the news

aloft on outstretched wings!


The Golden-Crowned Kinglet

will also do his part

to spread the word in joyful song

sung from a joyous heart!


The Pileated Woodpecker

and his Downy friend

will set the beat on ancient drums

O’er every hill and glen.



And the flitting Belted Kingfisher,

has donned her chestnut vest,

to spread the word along the shore

with barely a pause to rest.


The Horned Grebe, with its eyes so red,

sits bobbing on the water,

prepared to dive beneath the waves

to tell beaver, fish and otter.


And high in a treetop palace, amidst the swirling snow

the eagle, who waits on restless eggs, will soon command them, “Go!”

We all await the happy news, for nothing’s quite as regal

as the beauty, grace and majesty found in a soaring eagle!

And that is as it should be.


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  1. As usual Jim, you have outdone yourself!! Thanks for keeping an eye on all things avain at Eastwood. As always, keep up the outstanding work.

  2. It is snowing where I live but your story sure makes me think of warmer weather !!!! And probably the other birds are glad for now that it is quieter for them. I was watching the nest video and saw small birds fly in and out beneath the branches. I imagine they have also built a small nest in the huge one of Jim and Cindy!!! Thank you for your poetry and pictures, awesome as usual!!!!! It won’t be long before you or papa eagle will be handing out fish tasting cigars!!! Right?? Save one for me!!! Polly.

  3. Thank you Steve.

  4. You know Polly, this winter just won’t go away! There does seem to be a rather large population of small birds nesting in the branches of the aerie this year and Jim and Cindy have really built that outer rim high. Most of the time you wonder if the eagle is still inside, until it moves. I am glad that the cameras are working again after the recent technical problems. About those fish-tasting cigars though, that must be an acquired taste.

  5. Just when I think it’s impossible for you to make your posts better than the current one I’m reading – you do it again! What a great poem. Thank you for this wonderful blog.

  6. Thank you Carolyn. Thank you for your support and for your kind words.

  7. You are SO entertaining!!! LOVE to read your posts. SO looking forward to the new “nesting/hatching” season.

  8. Absolutely delightful post Jim! Can’t wait for the hatching to begin!!!

  9. What a fun blog! Enjoyed reading it. You are quite talented!

  10. Always look forward to your posts and beautiful pictures!! Thank you for devoting so much of your time to keeping us informed!!!

  11. SO glad you enjoyed the post KeeKee! Hopefully in a day or two they will be feeding an eaglet!

  12. They should be seen shredding fish and feeding eaglets any day now Opal!

  13. Thank you sagamorgan. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  14. You are welcome Judy. We love to share the adventure with everyone!

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