Eaglet Update

It has been a while since I have posted due to some storm related internet issues and a general lack of news to report. As you have probably already discovered the Boonshoft Eagle-cams have been deactivated for the year. So here is the latest.

All three eaglets have fledged the nest and all three eaglets have returned to the nest. That is very good news. The fact that they all have returned to the nest means that not only did they all survive the initial flight but that they are all healthy and able to fly where they desire to fly! Jim and Cindy are still bringing food to the nest to feed the trio. The nest will soon lose its attractiveness as the youngsters grow more experienced at perching in trees. As in years past, the family will move deeper into the wooded areas of the well field and enjoy their solitude. In a few weeks we will see more of the youngsters as they begin soaring with Mom, Dad and each other. We hope to get some pictures of the juveniles then.

Jim and Cindy are again making daily trips to Eastwood Lake, often while being harassed by Eastern Kingbirds and Red-winged Blackbirds. I took this picture of Jim high over the lake yesterday as a kingbird rode him through the sky.

Hitchin' a ride.

Hitchin’ a ride.

High over Dayton.

High over Dayton.

Then today Cindy passed overhead escorted through the hazy skies by yet another pesky kingbird.



The smaller, territorial birds have been particularly persistent this year, never missing an opportunity to make their presence known.

Really? Again

Really? Again?

Just Ignore him.

Just ignore him.

Even the Common Grackles were getting into the act with the local Red-tailed Hawk.

Pushy, pushy.

Pushy, pushy.

It was 3 years ago today that Jim and Cindy’s first male eaglet, Spirit, was critically injured in a failed landing attempt on a wooden utility pole. As far as we know he is the only fledged juvenile that they have lost. Let’s hope this year is uneventful.

Boy, this update has been factual, informative and bland so allow me to call on a slightly smaller feathered friend to brighten things up a bit.

Roger's friend Bubba.

Roger’s friend Bubba.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and great update. Thank you so much for your wonderful reports.

  2. Thanks EagleJim!

    I have really enjoyed your e/mails and pictures. Please keep us posted.

    Diana Roberts BOG Birder on Ground

  3. I appreciate the update information on the eagle hatchlings for this year.

    It gives those of us who don’t get out by the nest area a way of knowing how the eaglets are doing.


    Steve Link

  4. Yes, factual, informative but certainly not bland. Roger’s photos were outstanding and demonstrated what those eagles have to put up with from those pesky little flyers. Plus, enlarged the details were impressive.

  5. Thank You & all of your helpers for your BLOG & pictures of our Eagles of Eastwood. I always look forward to your blogs & pictures. Was glad to hear all Eaglets have made it this far & hope they continue to grow & learn…Thanks again

  6. You are welcome Jannice. Thank you for your kind comment.

  7. Thank you Diana. This adventure is ongoing and it is so worth sharing.

  8. I am glad that you are enjoying the updates Steve. I hear regularly from folks who are unable to visit Eastwood but care deeply about our eagles.

  9. Thoroughly enjoyed your update. What pesky birds…really nervy!

  10. You are so correct Sidney! I hope that many of our followers are clicking on Roger’s images to see the clarity and detail that can only be appreciated on the enlarged image. Roger’s images are consistently impressive.

  11. Thank you Joyce. These are exciting times and we look forward to sharing more in the weeks and months ahead.

  12. Nervy, brave, foolish, determined…the adult eagles do not seem to mind Clondres, but the juveniles can become a bit unhinged at the mid-air confrontation.

  13. I love your posts and pictures!! Such amazing, graceful, and majestic bird!! I love that you caught the bird hitching a ride!!

  14. Eagles ….in Dayton on the 4th of July…..you gotta love it! 🙂

  15. Thank you Wendy! We are always encouraged to know that folks find our sharing uplifting and enjoyable. Many little birds have big attitudes and are not at all intimidated by the size of a passing predator. The Bald Eagle poses no threat to the little fellows and their families but just to make sure they always make their objections known. (At least that is what educated birders say. I think they may just like to surf the airwaves and hang 3 on big, feathered boards. Gnarly Dude! Kowabunga!)

  16. I do Jennie, I do!

  17. Good news all around Jim! Definitely better news than the news we’ve been receiving about the Decorah Eagles! They’ve had a rough few weeks but the outlook is looking better for two of them. The other one has some healing to do before they know for sure if the surgery to repair his broken wing worked. Glad our three have had better weather and a better start to their new lives! Thanks for updating Jim. It’s always good to know how they’re doing…….

  18. I hope our trio stays healthy and safe Opal!

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