A Season of Silence

Can you hear the silence? It is almost deafening as it blankets Jim and Cindy’s domain. Its velvet tones peal from each treetop and echo through the stillness of the late summer air.

As the annual cycle of our Bald Eagles’ story progresses we have entered that time of rest, freedom and rejuvenation. The mad rush of the nesting season with all of its demands is behind us and the harsh reality of winter in the wild is safely concealed in the calendar’s unturned pages. The eaglets have fledged and are now self-sufficient. Life is slow and easy…and good. These are days that are meant for hours of perching in the shaded boughs of a favorite tree. The warm skies are meant for soaring and experiencing freedom beyond the bounds of earth in a way that a man can only  know in his dreams.

This is a necessary season for restoration and recuperation from what lies behind and preparation for what lies ahead. In a month the idle aerie will begin to whisper their names. Slowly it will summon them home. They will begin toying with its weathered sticks while adding a new stick every now and then. October’s shortening days and November chill will trigger courting behavior and the rekindling of the fires of deep devotion formed through pair-bonding over the years. December and January will be full of real work as the aerie grows larger and deeper in anticipation of February’s clutch of eggs…

But this is August! These are the times when our eagles go unseen for days as they disappear and wander off to parts unknown. These are the times when other eagles begin to appear as they too wander across the region. We have recently spotted several nomads in the area. Englewood MetroPark is currently hosting a pair of young adults and a few juveniles. Our current lack of rain has caused the lake water behind the dam to become a large wading pool for egrets and heron. The visiting eagles may move on as the water evaporates along with its supply of fish. If a nomad should venture farther south into Jim and Cindy’s realm they will eventually be asked to leave. Without eaglets to protect, Jim and Cindy are a bit more hospitable but this territory is theirs and they will not share it with strangers.

Roger did manage to capture this image of Cindy enjoying her breakfast at Eastwood.


Even though Jim and Cindy may be hard to find lately, their palace serves as a witness to their claim on their kingdom. A few years ago I wrote the following poem as an ode to their abode.


The Eagle’s Nest Stands Silent

By Jim Weller (June 17, 2013)


The eagle’s nest stands silent

Her annual labor done

She’s proven herself trustworthy

Each battle fought, she’s won.


As wandering eagles see her

Without a word she’ll say,

“This territory’s taken!

You’d best be on your way!”


Through the blistering heat of summer

While standing high and proud

She’ll chant of former glories,

But not a word aloud.


Crowning autumn’s canopy

She will breathe a quiet sigh

As her master and her mistress

Dance across the sky.


Speechless through the snowfall

Atop that barren tree

She’ll patiently anticipate

The things that are to be.


Then just before the springtime

She will end her time of rest

And sing anew a song of joy

With new life in her breast!


The eagle’s nest stands silent

Yet has so much to say

If we just pause to listen

As we hasten by today.


If we will just pause to listen, there is much to be heard in this season of silence.

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  1. Beautifully written thanks Jim. I love that poem.

  2. There are many things as I scan the internet I skim over and choose not to waste my time reading. This blog is one that I choose to read. Thank you for the thoughtful, artful and beautiful words.

  3. Jim, can your work be shared, I would like to share your poem on another group ~ “Eagle Peeps” with full credit to you of course. Such beautiful words, yet again you make a tear sneak out and run down my cheek… Beautiful JIm just beautiful….

  4. My day is begun with the words of your poem flooding my consciousness. What a glorious way to start the day. Thank you again, Jim!

  5. Thank you Lisa. As the cycle repeats I sometimes repeat myself but we have so many new followers here. Every year there is new beauty in Jim and Cindy’s adventure and each year the old sentiments are reaffirmed.

  6. Thank you Rhoda! That is a high compliment indeed. Time is a precious and fleeting commodity so I am happy that my words speak to you deeply enough that you chose to spend a few minutes with them.

  7. Please feel free to share my poem Darlene. It would be an honor. One of our EEW goals is to share Jim and Cindy’s inspirational story with others. Even my educational presentation on the Bald Eagle is designed to inspire the elementary student with whom I share it and to hopefully encourage a life long love for nature in their hearts. Thank you for asking.

  8. Thank you Carolyn. Kindered hearts can touch through the message of the printed words.

  9. Thank you for yet again “taking me there”. Your way with words always makes me feel like I am right there with you seeing what you are seeing. Beautiful poem!

  10. LOVED it!!! Beautiful, heartfelt words!

  11. Thank you Joleen. Taking others along to share the excitement is my privilege.

  12. Thank you C.C. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

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