Majesty Personified

I try to choose my words carefully. Sometimes I nearly hit the mark and sometimes I fear that I have missed it by a mile. But once in a while, I find just the word that I was searching for.

When I started the Eastwood Eagle Watchers group in 2008 I realized that we needed to have a defining statement that captured the core essence of what the group was all about. After wrestling with various phrases and concepts I settled on, “Addicted to the power, beauty and grace of Dayton’s majestic American Bald Eagles!” If you are a fan of the Bald Eagle then you have a pretty good idea of the image and emotion that I was hoping to capture.

There are few things in the entire animal kingdom, and even fewer among the avian world, that exhibit the pure power of the eagle. Whether it is hunting prey, soaring to amazing heights, or defending its nest, its young or its territory, the eagle is the ultimate image of power. Whenever I encounter a Bald Eagle, whether in the wild or in captivity, I am immediately struck by the beauty of this creature. And there is nothing quite as graceful as witnessing a Bald Eagle’s steady glide inches above the water, its unwavering focus, the slow purposeful extension of those mighty legs and talons, and the effortless way that it grasps its prey as it continues on its unbroken path. Watching a mature eagle gently rising on a thermal of air and rapidly ascending into the heavens without a single stroke of its wings is the picture of gracefulness. All of these adjectives apply to this bird and never fail to come to mind each time I witness an eagle doing what comes so naturally to them.

But the fourth adjective I chose for that statement encapsulates the other three and so much more, “majestic”. Webster’s definition of majesty is “grandeur or splendor”. “Majestic” describes the Bald Eagle’s character, demeanor, appearance and movement more than any other single word. I find grandeur and splendor in every inch of this beautiful bird of prey. Maybe that is why civilizations have so often chosen the eagle as their emblem. Ancient peoples witnessed their majesty. Pagan civilizations worshiped and adored them. Literature is replete with images of eagles. Empires, armies and political movements have replicated their images on uniforms, flags, shields, currencies, buildings and statues for centuries.

In the animal kingdom it seems like nothing, with the possible exception of the African lion, comes close to inspiring humans like the eagle, but even the mighty lion lacks the grace and the freedom exhibited by an eagle in flight.


I started that statement with the word, “addicted”. That too was intentional. When I unexpectedly encounter an eagle I must stop and watch. I find myself almost mesmerized by them. I find myself repeatedly captivated by their power, beauty, grace, grandeur and splendor. For me, the American Bald Eagle is majesty personified in feathers.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  2. Very well worded!!!

  3. I love all your beautiful eagle images and the comments that go along. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

  4. Well said, Jim… Well, said!!

  5. Beautifully written thank you for always keeping us up to date with our beautiful Jim and Cindy

  6. Love your writing, and I feel the same about the eagles

  7. Thanks Rog!

  8. Thanks again Ginny.

  9. They are amazing creatures Gigi. I can’t help but share. Thank you for following along.

  10. Thank you KeeKee!

  11. My pleasure Lisa. Thank you for your encouragement.

  12. Thanks George. I am a big fan of those big birds.

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