The Musical Score of Life

Every movie that is produced today includes a musical score. Music is so important to the final film that trophies are awarded for the best musical score in a motion picture. This was not always the case. Before the development of the technology that made it possible to record and synchronize sound with moving pictures, movies were soundless. In the era of silent movies the moviegoer had to physically read the script as it appeared on the screen and each theater hired an organist to play music designed to appropriately enhance every flickering scene. A well-written musical score stirs our emotions and carries us into the images that are passing before our eyes. Barely perceptible but yet so crucial, the score can build fear and suspense or carry us away to a feeling of blissfulness and peace. And so it is in real life.

Each autumn I become aware of the silent, ever present musical score of life. It is a melody too divine for human ears to hear but easily perceived by the open human heart. Each note is pure perfection and the orchestration is flawless. It is carried on the wind, repeated in the rustling leaves and echoed from the heavens. All of nature dances to its strains. Can you hear it? Sometimes the noise of traffic, our own busyness, and the demands of everyday life can drown out the sweet notes of the score. But the music plays on.

Jim and Cindy hear it and embrace it! It moves them to new heights. They dance together to the melody. Its beauty is reflected in their movements and their movements are reflected in its beauty. They instinctively know each measure of the song. They perceive each rest and rejoice in each crescendo.

I heard the music again just yesterday, while I sat in solitude and watched our local Bald Eagles act out the latest scene in their ongoing drama. This scene was a love story. Cindy left the protected confines of the well field and ventured once again into the area of Eastwood Lake while Jim, longing to be near his mate, followed closely behind. Together they flew along the far shore of the lake.

Cindy, Jim and Old Glory.

Cindy, Jim and Old Glory.

Together they perched in a barren tree.

Perched together.

Perched together.

Together they danced across the sky. Together. Always together. Bald Eagles are monogamous and this Courting Season behavior is both a renewing and a strengthening of the pair-bond that exists between them. I watched them for twenty minutes as they followed the instinctive script. For a time they danced together, just above the water’s surface,

Dancing above the water.

Dancing above the water.

then they slowly rose upward. As they circled in the sky above the lake there were times when they flew wingtip to wingtip.

Wingtip to wingtip.

Wingtip to wingtip.

At other times they danced one above the other

Above and below.

Above and below.

while constantly drifting farther away from me, but always growing closer and closer to each other in this bonding ballet. As they drifted off into the distance the music faded and for a moment they appeared to become one bird, side-by-side, but bonded together for life.

Two as one, side by side. (Jim's left wing, Cindy's right.)

Two as one, side by side.
(Jim’s left wing, Cindy’s right.)

Captivated, I strained my eyes as they slowly dissolved into the distant sky and the music hushed into a faint whisper. I smiled at the realization that as I had unexpectedly once again been carried aloft by the graceful majesty of their movements, I had been uplifted by the silent and beautiful musical score of life.



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  1. So beautifully written and the pictures are breathtaking !!!!!! Thanks Jim for the update of our courting eagles. Polly.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Jim!!! You say things so eloquently and you have the ability to take the reader RIGHT to the place you are describing. It’s phenomenal. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love…….is such a beautiful thing! And the love story of Jim and Cindy is truly amazing! And you, Jim, have captured the heart and soul of this great love. Humans could, and should, take lessons from these two birds. And others like them! Their relationship is awe inspiring! To watch their courtship through your eyes, is amazing! I feel like I’m there, watching these beautiful birds myself! I’ve always loved to read and I have a vivid imagination! So when I read your prose…….I’m there! So……..thank you Jim! I’m soooo looking forward to the next six months or so as we watch our babies through yours and Rogers eyes! 😊😊😊

  4. Jim, goosebumps reading this piece. I clicked on each image. It’s another masterpiece. Thank you for these gifts.

  5. Your writings are so wonderful! I can actually visualize what you are saying as you write it!

  6. Beautiful thing to witness Polly. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Lisa. Hope the eagles approve too.

  8. I admire their mutual support of each other Opal. Fighting for your mate instead of with your mate is too often a lost trait in people.

  9. Thank you Carolyn. Eaglebumps are better but goosebumps are good too. 🙂

  10. Thank you Bonnie. I need to get a big bus and take everyone with me so they can truly feel the thrill of watching the story unfold each day!

  11. Ok, now you’ve made me cry. But they are tears of joy. Thank you so much.

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