Cycles Within Cycles

We had a few brushes with winter weather in November this year. Although it created a beautiful Christmas card wonderland scene, it was too cold and too early.

Winter on the Mad River

Winter on the Mad River

On one such day as I was sitting in my car and watching for eagles near Eastwood Lake, a familiar Christmas carol drifted from the radio speakers and wrapped me in its loving arms. Embraced by warm nostalgic chords I became aware of how the seasons had cycled once again, bringing new hopes and old dreams into my life.

Cycles are funny things. They surround us every minute of every day and we are seldom aware of their constant rotation.

We often hear talk of the lifecycle of an organism, encompassing its conception and its death. Galaxies have lifecycles as do microscopic viruses.  Giant tortoises have long lifecycles while the lifecycle of a mayfly is very brief. Even precious and fleeting intangible things like time endlessly and consistently cycle around us. We mark years with annual celebrations, but within each year is twelve months, 52+ weeks, 365+ days, 8,760+ hours, 525,600+ minutes and 31,536,000+ irreplaceable seconds! In the world around us that year is marked by the cycling of the seasons we call spring, summer, autumn and winter. And within those seasons are cycles of planting, growing and harvesting with each plant cycling through its own stages from seed to fruit. Cycles within cycles all around us.

Nature has a way making you feel like a very small part of an enormously large story.

And so the cycle continues with Jim and Cindy. Our local eagles are still hard to find at times but the leafless trees make them much easier to watch when you do find them. Jim and Cindy are urban eagles. They prefer the natural setting of their wooded home in the well field but their domain is crisscrossed by roadways and developments. The daily dawn-patrol of their realm passes restaurants with fish on the menu but no flythrough windows.



Whether they are fishing Deeds’ Point in downtown Dayton or sitting together in a tree along the shore of Eastwood Lake, the hustle and bustle of city life is always nearby as people cycle through their daily activities. Even the juveniles from the past nesting season and a passing sub-adult bird seem to cope well with the potentially hostile environment.  Here are a few of our recently captured images that made us smile. (Hey! There is another cycle! See an eagle and smile…see an eagle and smile…see an eagle and smile… Some cycles are better than others.)

Jim in the morning sun at Deeds' Point.

Jim in the morning sun at Deeds’ Point.


Jim looking out.


Cindy looking up.

Cindy looking up.


Jim looking up.



Possibly Pride?

Possibly Pride?


As the cycle called 2014 winds to a close, may this part of your lifecycle be full of love, joy and peace and may many of your friends be feathered.

I am thankful for each of you as together we enjoy all of life’s cycles within cycles.

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  1. Jim, once again, you lift us up and paint magic pictures to inspire everyone with your incomparable prose. What a smile I have when I see that “EagleJim” has left a message in my inbox. It’s like a beautifully-wrapped Christmas present that I can’t wait to unwrap. Merry Christmas – and may all the cycles in your life be good ones!

  2. Jim, you make me cry! You need to put all of your musings into a book and share with all of us. I am going to post this to Facebook too. I too love the cycle of the seasons and the rhythm of life. Thank you for being a part of my life!

  3. Another beautifully written post…thanks Jim!

  4. Thanks for your new eloquent post. There is beauty all around us, mostly we don’t take the moment to slow down and really see what is right there . We haven’t been over to Eastwood in a while. Always so good to see our Favorite Birds.

  5. Well…..looks like we’re off and running again! Or maybe that’s flying! I would like to wish you many flying adventures with our resident Eagles in the coming year, Jim. And you never fail us! Your photos are beautiful and so are your words! We feel like we’re there, every time! So thank you, once again……my friend! 😊😊😊

  6. Thank you Carolyn. It is exciting to see so many eaglets in the southern nests already. Hope your new year is full of rustling feathers.

  7. Thank you Diane. Seasons come and go so quickly. There is no stopping their progress so it is best to embrace them and treasure the secrets that they bring our way.

  8. Thank you Alisha. I am glad that you found beauty in my words.

  9. Slowing down can be a difficult thing to do Patricia. Hopefully now that the holidays have rushed by, frosty air and chilly temperatures will bring us all an opportunity to slow down and rejuvenate.

  10. Thank you Opal. Tis the season to watch the world sleep and rest as it prepares for another cycle of rebirth and activity. I will keep watching and posting as the 2015 chapter of this adventure is written.

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