Bad News With The Good

You never know what the new year may hold, but that is part of the thrill of watching our eagles.

This winter has been an anomaly of sorts as Jim and Cindy have altered their routine. They were extremely hard to find for most of December which always gets me concerned. I look forward to the end of the year flirting as they chase each other, bring food to each other and touch beaks, but I have seen none of that recently. They should be constantly together and interacting in very affectionate ways. This activity reinforces their pair-bond and prepares them for mating and the long days of incubation that begins in the middle of February. Sometimes they do disappear for weeks and then eventually return but those excursions usually end by early December, and since there are so many man-made hazards as well as natural threats, I was beginning to worry. The operative word is “was”.

Today they came home.

For two hours they flew, frolicked and perched around the lake. The temperature was in the teens and we had several inches of fresh snow overnight so it created a very Alaskan-like scene. Unfortunately I was here at the house staying toasty, sipping coffee and drawing a picture of Jim and not at Eastwood so I have no photos to share. A friend was there and captured some wonderful images but I have not gotten permission to share her images here. But the eagles are home, they are healthy and they are together. That is the good news.

Now the bad. It looks as if the Boonshoft Museum’s eagle-cams will not be activated this year. All of our partners are still committed to the project but, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we have hit some real obstacles that seem insurmountable at this time. The well field is in a rather remote location and the internet providers in the area are few in number. The cost for the T-1 line went way up and the provider demanded at least a 3-year contract, paid up front. In addition to that budgets have tightened and our partners now find it necessary to monitor the hours and resources used on the project. Taking all of that into consideration we are left with a financial shortcoming of nearly $20,000, the vast majority of which is for the internet feed. There is a donation tab on the Boonshoft website but that amount seems like a mountain to me. I want to publicly thank all of our partners who have provided so much enjoyment to so many over the past 4 years. Although the eagle-cams will be missed, I have asked The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery if they can keep the link to this blog on their webpage. I have not received an answer as of yet so if you haven’t entered your email address under the “Sign Me Up” tab on the right side of the first page of this blog ( you may want to do that now and join our other 446 followers. Doing so will ensure that you will receive all of our future updates.

If you haven’t met Jim and Cindy in person, January is a great month for eagle watching. They will be diligently working on their treetop palace and fishing from the lakes and rivers of their domain. They will become less active and more tied to the well field shortly before the first egg’s arrival so this window is relatively short. You can usually view them from the comfort of your car so bring your binoculars, camera or even a simple sketch pad and take advantage of the next few weeks. Since I have no photos, I will resort to sharing my drawing from today.

Jim by Jim

Jim by Jim

Bad news is always bad but the good news is really good. Our eagles are home for the new nesting season and eggs should be just over 5 weeks away with eaglets 35 days after that! Sometimes we just have to take the bad news with the good.

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  1. Thanks for the thorough update. I hope you get to see Cindy and Jim yourself soon. I was holding my breath when you had not seen them in weeks. Glad they’re back and what a shame about the eagle-cam not being activated. Surely you will be able to keep the Blog – will be watching; fingers crossed.

  2. Jim, Thank you for your notice. I hope this news can be brought to the public for help. To get your cam views now go to and check out Romeo and Juliet’s 2 week old chicks E2 & E3. Go to the center of the page to the North East Florida Eagles, Scan down that page for 3 cam views of their nest and chicks.I’m addicted to this page.

  3. I saw Cindy Monday morning as I drove to work. She flew over the Harshman Rd. bridge, heading toward Eastwood Lake. I catch glimpses of them every now and then, but her flyover that morning felt like a “welcome back,” of sorts, to my job at the base 🙂

  4. WOW… an artist too? Are there no limits to your talents? Thanks for sharing … Stay warm!

  5. bummer, big time bummer

  6. I have no issues with my photos being shared. It was so amazing to see them for so long yesterday and to have so many photo opportunities. That’s a rarity!

  7. Thank you for maintaining this blog.
    It seems Boonshoft Museum does not wish to support the eagle cam, or update the information on their web page.
    Since this is so close to Wright State University, perhaps several departments there (biology, IT, etc.) would be interested in supporting this work.
    Also, WPAFB may be interested in helping.
    Keep up your good work.

  8. Oh my ;-( I am heartbroken, and yes I understand. I wish there was a way to change this. It’s a lot of money for sure…. Gosh, this really makes me sad…

  9. Great news that our eagles are back!!!! Sad news that the web cam will no longer be available.But with your eyes and the other eagle watchers, you have always been able to make me feel like I’m right there seeing Jim and Cindy myself !!!!! I must make a point to visit Eastwood Lake and see our eagles!!!!! Thanks Jim and please keep us with new up dates. Polly.

  10. Reblogged this on eagleholic and commented:
    Darn, looks like we won’t have the Boonshoft cams this year. Glad to hear that the eagle pair has returned to the area though! Thanks so much for the Info!

  11. Thanks again Carol. I saw them today. All is well and I will keep everyone posted.

  12. Thanks Diana. Although I am devoted to sharing Jim and Cindy’s story I do follow other eagle-cams. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I often wonder why there are not more accidents as passing eagles distract drivers. (I know I have come close to causing a few.)

  14. Yes KeeKee, Lots of limits. I mentioned 2 in tonight’s posting.

  15. Bummer is right but as a phoenix rises from the ashes, maybe better things lie ahead. I’m not giving up yet.

  16. Thanks Lisa. I posted some tonight.

  17. Boonshoft has been super J. A. Massie, as all the partners have been. Many factors came together at the wrong time. Thank you for your suggestions.

  18. Keep your chin up Darlene. I am hoping that this door’s closing means there is a window opening somewhere, we just have to find it.

  19. Keep your chin up Darlene. I am hoping that this door’s closing means there is a window opening somewhere, we just have to find it.

  20. The eagles and their welfare are the important thing Polly. We are still here and typing and clicking our shutter buttons.

  21. Who knows what the future holds twizzkid. As long as the eagles are here the possibilities are endless.

  22. So happy they are back and that things will be moving forward for them. So very sorry about the cams! But as you said above, never give up hope and when one door closes…….. Your drawing is amazing!!!

  23. Thank you Joleen. It is so good to see them every day again.

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