That’s a Good Thing, Right?

(Yesterday’s posting was my 200th post on this blog and it was kind of a depressing post, so let’s brighten the mood with some exaggerated humor.)

My wife thinks that eagle-people are kinda crazy. (Feeling better yet?) She seems to think that there is something strange about jumping from eagle-cam to eagle-cam on a computer. She does not understand why pipping is a reason to party. She scratches her head and frowns (a lot) when EVERY time we go anywhere we end up driving by Jim and Cindy’s well field home. And she gets more than a little annoyed when a flash of black and white feathers unexplainably causes the car to make a U-turn for a second look. But mostly she seems to have a problem with me spending hours everyday taking pictures of the same bird that I took pictures of yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that and the day… I just don’t understand why she finds any of that abnormal. It is like she would rather have me stay home and do more chores around the house or something.

And then yesterday, since we had a fresh blanket of snow and subfreezing temperatures, my car stayed in the driveway and I stayed in the house…drawing a picture of an eagle. Now I am retired and she is not there yet but I get the laundry, mopping, vacuuming and other domestic stuff done. It is amazing what I can get done in the 20 minutes it takes her to drive home from work.

(By the way: Someone saw that drawing in yesterday’s post and commented, “You are an artist too? Is there no limits to your talent?” Well, I thought, I won a singing contest once, so that’s out. Then I remembered that I dance like a fallen tree and I swim like a rock so yes, there are limits.)

But I know a lot of eagle people and they seem perfectly normal to me. Like my friend Lisa for instance. She is the one that I mentioned in yesterday’s post that had watched Jim and Cindy hanging out at Eastwood. She seems normal to me but she also likes to take pictures of the same birds over and over. She has even given me permission to share a few of yesterday’s images on the blog and here they are.

Warm hearts and cold feet.

Warm hearts and cold feet.





Off for more.

Off for more.

"You again?"

“You again?”

Jim and Cindy spent a lot of time working on the nest today. It normally grows quite a bit in January so it is good to see them back on track. Our high today was 9 degrees and it was rather blustery to boot, blowing tiny ice crystals into your skin like a million tiny needles. Still Roger managed to get this image from a half mile away and through the early morning haze. It is far from his normal standard of perfection but it is still a beautiful image because of the subject matter.

Home again.

Home again.

Then later in the day I captured this image through my constantly fogging camera lens as I stepped out of the warm car and into the frigid January air.


It is good to have Jim and Cindy home again and doing just what they should be doing. I spent 9 hours today parked by the lake, waiting and watching…in 9 degree weather…to take pictures of the same birds over and over again. Ok, my wife may have a point. Maybe eagle people are a little crazy, but that’s a good thing, right?

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  1. “That’s a good thing.” (Self-assuring voice.) Ha, ha. Carol here to say, with so much sadness in the world of late, you are, (along with your generous photography friends) a bright light, certainly in in my day. Rarely have I laughed out loud as much, when just reading your always beautifully written stories. So at 11:00 p.m. here in Ontario, what a ‘hoot’. Thank you again for everything. My favorite photo; “You again?”. Ahhhh. I await more updates….and don’t forget the corners; (in the housework.).:)

  2. Congratulations on your 200th post Jim! I am a crazy eagle person too and my husband doesn’t understand it. I think they are the crazy ones 🙂

  3. “RIGHT” 🙂

  4. Thanks for the smile so early this morning! 🙂 Yes, we eagle people are just a little bit crazy . . . . .

  5. Right

  6. I picked up Jim’s drawing “Jim by Jim” yesterday. Made it my wallpaper on my computer at work. I love your blogs. I love eagles. I’m relatively new on this website. Thrilled to death that we have eagles here in our area. Have been watching Decorah for several years and am disappointed that they have kind of disappeared. Love your site. Keep us all up to date on Jim and Cindy. Thanks.

  7. Repeat after me: I am normal, I am normal, I am normal! Your blog and pictures make my day! You have the gift of writing and photography, plus supreme endurance to wait 9 hours to get the pictures. Your followers, and me, love these emails 🙂 Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2015 03:52:05 +0000 To:

  8. eaglejim,

    Although 9 hours in a car on a 9 degree day may be to me a little on the “kinda crazy” end of my scale, it is at least of the harmless type.

    I appreciate your posts to be able to keep track of things with the eagles.

    It is unfortunate that the eagle-cam looks to be going away. When it is eaglet season, I usually check in each day to see what is going on.


  9. Thanks Alisha, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” they say and I cannot begin to capture the beauty I behold in each encounter with these magnificent birds!

  10. Thanks for the confirmation Roger. You are a man of few words but wonderful depth.

  11. Just a little bit Becky. Just a little. Glad you were smiling.

  12. Thank you Joy. It is a good thing indeed.

  13. Wow! Thank you Barb. I am flattered that my artwork will be enjoyed and that my words touch your heart. Since you are new to our blog, let me encourage you to visit the past 199 posts for a little history of our wonderful eagles. Their struggles and triumphs are a testimony to their devotion and determination. We humans could learn a thing or two from Jim and Cindy.

  14. Thank you Kathy. People have always said that I was (ab)normal. I visit their area every day but when there is sunshine I tend to linger and enjoy the anticipation of a memorable encounter. Having a good heater in the car helped too.

  15. Thank you Steve. I kept toasty and there were other critters out and about. I photographed some Mute Swans flying by, one of the 2014 juvenile eagles ice skating on the frozen lake and some other waterfowl so I wasn’t just twiddling my thumbs. I am trusting that another door will open for the eagle-cam before the 2016 season but I will keep you all posted in the mean time.

  16. Gee Carol, have you been talking to my wife about the corners? Men clean to conquer and check off a completed task, women clean to have things clean, ergo a different final product. But I don’t tell her how to photograph eagles. Hope your laughing out loud at 11:00 p.m. didn’t wake the neighbors. Thank you for your kind and supportive comments. They mean a lot. It is nice to know that when I hit that “publish” button my ramblings are a blessing to others. Excuse me now as I go check those corners.

  17. A lovely piece that made me laugh… sorry about yesterday’s news, but so is life. We have had such a good run, and knowing they are home is wonderful news. Keep up the eagle-madness… my hubby shakes is head at me too, but is coming around – even bought me a 2-day bird-watching trip in March up a river to a lake in Southern Sweden – hoping to see Sea Eagles at least!

  18. Re: ‘corners’ – my late mom’s eldest sister ‘Aunty Min’ (Eminda, first of 11 Norwegian siblings who arrived on the Empress of Ireland 1914 with my Gramma – its last journey to Canada before sinking in The St. Lawrence a few days later on its return voyage) gave me some advice as I was about to become a young bride. She said. “Clean the corners! No one looks at the center of the room. Always make sure you do the corners.” I really got a kick out of it; never forgot it; did not exactly buy into it…but, as she was the matriarch of such a large loving family, I definitely respected her advice.

  19. Gee, Thank you Jim.. 🙂

  20. I unsubscribed, now can’t find a place to resubscribe with my new email address Nancy Moore

  21. Some people just take a little longer to grasp the grandeur Olivia, but eventually they catch on. My mother’s parents were from Sweden and I had the privilege of visiting Uppsala and Stockholm several years ago. Beautiful scenery and wonderful people. Enjoy the trip up river.

  22. Wonderful story Carol! My little Swedish grandma was full of gentle-loving wisdom as well, lessons learned from a lifetime of experience.

  23. If you still need help Nancy, try just entering in the banner at the top of your computer screen to go to our actual site. You should see brown script over a beige sheet with a large image of Cindy behind that. Near the calendar on the right side of the page is a place to enter your new email address. Sometimes the e-mail notice just gives you the new posting without taking you to the actual blog site. I hope this helps.

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