Egg-sighting News!

Jim and Cindy have some news to share with all of you that is very egg-sighting! I don’t want to say egg-zackly what it is but I am not egg-saturating when I say it is egg-straordinarily great news. Before you become egg-zassperated and as an egg-sample of my good will, I will give you an egg-stra moment or two to guess what it is.


Boy! You are good guessers!

Sunday was February 15th, their typical first-egg-laying date. But our weather has been anything but accommodating. We have had snowfalls, high winds, frigid subzero temperatures and generally lousy weather. When I first tried to view the nest from Eastwood Lake the falling snow made even seeing the Treetop Palace, 1/2 mile away, almost impossible, let alone any occupants therein. The next day the snow had stopped but the blowing snow and the ice crystals in the frigid air so muted the nest that even my binoculars were useless. The air has been so cold that focusing our cameras has been a challenge even after they are acclimated to the outside temperature. Finally yesterday Roger and Lisa were able to capture some usable images from Eastwood. You can see Cindy’s head just above the rim of the nest as she sits on the nursery floor.

Cindy protecting her precious egg from the cold.

Cindy protecting her precious egg from the cold.

Cropped image of Cindy in the nest.

Cropped image of Cindy in the nest.

Unfortunately we cannot know for certain exactly what day the first egg arrived but it was likely Wednesday, the 18th. That would mean the first eaglet of 2015 should hatch around March 25th. Jim and Cindy have now joined the many other eagle pairs (nesting north of Florida) that are incubating eggs. Those Florida nests already have eaglets that are several weeks old!

That is not the only eagle action in town. Several juveniles and sub-adults are fishing the local rivers and we are checking into the possibility of a new eagle’s nest on the northern fringes of Jim and Cindy’s domain. The weather has hindered that effort as well. This new nest is large, high, very isolated and near water. Those are all positive signs. There have been a number of Red-Tailed Hawk nests in this area so it may just be an overzealous hawk’s home, but eagles are known to sometimes evict hawks and assume ownership of the smaller bird’s nest before enlarging it.

Here are two recent pictures of a juvenile Bald Eagle fishing on the all-but-frozen Great Miami River downtown. Notice the condition of the water in the second image.

Young hunter.

Young hunter.

Icy catch.

Icy catch.

This final image is Jim. He had been fishing from the icy river also. If you look carefully you can see a tiny icicle forming on the point of his beak. Now that’s cold!

Jim in the frigid air.

Jim in the frigid air.

For now I am just trying to stay warm as I look forward to the first week of spring and even more egg-sighting news!

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  1. So exciting!!! Let the countdown begin. 🙂

  2. Jim, every time I read your blog I am moved almost to tears by your wonderful style of writing. It is something rarely seen now and I enjoy every word. Your previous blog had a paragraph on nature that was so right on – is there a way to post that on my facebook page or could I just copy that one paragraph and give you credit somehow or direct other eagle lovers to your blog? Couple your words with Rogers photos and the story you both tell is captivating.

  3. Awesome!!! Is it seven or eight years now? Can’t wait to see how the “nesting” unfolds… Thanks, as always, for keeping us up to date!!!

  4. Looking forward to more eaglets Lisa!

  5. Feel free to share the blog Sidney. You can just type the blog address ( into your status box. Thank you for your kind words.

  6. They came in 2008 so this is their 7th nesting season KeeKee, although the first two were unsuccessful.

  7. I think I saw a new young eagles nest on the south side of Area B this afternoon, not sure but it did look like it with a young Eagle sitting right next to the nest. It at the gate coming off of the Base at 675 and Col Glen. {sorry about m spelling} highway

  8. Hello Bernie. There is a large Red Tail Hawk nest right in that area just outside the fence. It is in the large tree that would be on your right if you exit the base and head for 675 or on your left if you take the circular ramp from Colonel Glenn to 675. The nest has been there for several years. Since there is no water near this interchange it is most likely a hawk’s nest and not the nest of an eagle. Thank you for bringing it to our attention though. These hawks will be laying eggs soon too and are pretty easy to watch even when the tree is in full leaf.

  9. EJ,

    While we are waiting ever-so-patiently for March 25, any chance you can update us on all of the past years’ hatchings? I know the first couple of years did not go well, but it would be interesting (to me anyway) to know how many eggs were laid each year, how many hatched, how many fledged, how long the “babies” hung around, and if you have any idea what has happened to these Dayton babies since (is there any way to track them?). thanks

  10. Good idea Michael. I will put together a post on this. Thanks.

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