A Little Ray of Sunshine

They say that “April showers bring May flowers.” But they also bring thunder, lightning, high winds and (if you live in Ohio) sinus headaches. April showers can last for days on end and once they finally move on and things dry out, you have a day or two to pick up sticks, mow tall grass and prepare the garden for those May flowers before the showers return.

But the showers are as necessary as they are persistent. Each droplet contains a refreshing blessing, a tiny bit of restorative moisture to replenish the thirsty earth and rejuvenate the stagnant sky. Without those showers we would live in a very dry, dusty and lifeless world. Frequent showers deeply and thoroughly saturate the soil enabling roots to grow deep and strong.

On such days it is difficult to see The Treetop Palace. And even on the intermittent sunny days the evaporating moisture obscures the view enough to challenge the capability of our cameras. But we too are persistent.

We have come to believe that there may be at least two eaglets in Jim and Cindy’s nursery! There have been times when it appears that both adults are simultaneously feeding eaglets from either side of the nest. Feeding trips are also frequent enough to support this assumption. But time will tell. Roger was able to capture an image of one of the bobbleheads recently.


(Note: The arrow was added to the image to highlight the location of the eaglet. Although the showers have been many, we have not seen any giant, white arrows fall from the sky…so far. You can click on the image to enlarge it and better see the youngster.)

On these cloudy days, a little ray of sunshine is quite welcomed. It warms the heart and brightens the horizon helping us see beyond the storms to the promises of tomorrow. It causes us to smile. It moves us and encourages us. Sunshine pierces the gloomiest of skies and illuminates the beautiful world around us. In so many ways I find this eaglet to be a little ray of sunshine.

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  1. Great picture. Thank you for keeping us informed. I drive past two times a day and have seen them flying in and out. Wondered how babies are doing.

  2. Eaglejim,

    This is really great and uplifting news about the eaglets.

    With these strong storms we are now getting this time of year, it is amazing how the eagle family manages to get on and even prosper.

    The loss of the eagle cam is now most felt, when it was an easy way to catch a glimpse of the increased activity with the arrival of the eaglets.

    Please do as many of the postings as you can.

    When do you do most of your watching, and is it from the east end of Eastwood park, off Harshman?


    Steve Link

  3. I love this kind of sunshine!

  4. I’m so excited to the little bobble head!! I’ve been so persistent in being at Eastwood Lake and have captured lots of shots of mom and dad…but, this is the first sign I’ve seen other than them feeding “something.” 🙂

  5. Thank you for taking the time to comment Donna. By the end of June they should all be flying!

  6. Thank you Steve. Watching the eagle-cams during these spring storms always made me a bit seasick as the aerie swayed back and forth across the computer screen. The weight of the nest increases every year and eventually will be more than the old sycamore can hold. We do most of our watching from the east end of Eastwood Lake along Harshman Road, not Eastwood Park. The two are on opposite sides of The Mad River. We are there individually off and on throughout most days. Some visits are only 30 minutes or so but many are several hours long. I keep stressing that patience is needed as people wait for an eagle to appear. You can see them come and go from the nest quite often but having one venture overhead is a lot less common.

  7. Thanks Ginny! You and me both!

  8. They will become easier to see soon Wendy. They are almost big enough to start scaling the walls and peering over the rim. You should be able to clearly see them from Eastwood Lake and even more so as their dark feathers come in and there is more contrast with white of the sky and the sycamore bark!

  9. Thanks for the update. Great shot of the baby!

  10. Thank you Chris.

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