A Lesson in Patience

Boy do I really miss our eagle-cams!

The hot air of summer has found the Miami Valley of Ohio a little early this year. We have been flirting with record high temperatures but the skies have been clear and the humidity has been low. It has been beautiful weather for hiking wooded paths along flowing streams or sitting quietly and counting one’s blessings. (That reminds me that this week we have picked up our 500th follower on this blog! Each of you are a blessing.) It has also been excellent weather for sitting at Eastwood and watching our local eagles. (Or rather waiting for our local eagles to do something worth reporting.) I have spent about 4 hours each day of the last several weeks somewhere in Jim and Cindy’s domain and have very little to show for it.

We have come to believe that there is only one eaglet in the Treetop Palace’s nursery but the little prince or princess is now visible every day as we watch through our lenses. A month ago it had appeared that Jim and Cindy were feeding two eaglets but either one did not survive or we were just misinterpreting what we were seeing from 1/2 mile away. (Did I mention that I really miss our eagle-cams?) I have many distant images of the happy family but nothing of any decent quality. Most of them look something like this. (Remember that you can click on any of our images to enlarge it.)

Eaglet in the middle of the aerie!

Eaglet in the middle of the aerie!

On one recent day as I watched and waited I saw Cindy leave the nest and begin circling towards Eastwood. The nice weather has flooded the lake (no pun intended) with enough fishermen, boats, kayaks, jet skis and other watercraft that the solitude-loving eagles have been staying over the nonpublic Eagle Lake, so when Cindy headed in our direction I expected her to turn and circle over its more serene waters, east of Harshman Road.


But she kept coming…


and coming…


and coming!


Finally she circled a few times over our heads


before drifting high above the noisy activity on Eastwood Lake and then making her way back to the well field. It was an all-too-brief encounter but pretty awesome nonetheless!

That moment provided me with another lesson in patience. Days of ho-hum watching and taking pictures of orioles,

Male Baltimore Oriole.

Male Baltimore Oriole.


Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler


Tree Swallow

Tree Swallow

and red-tails

Red-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

will eventually pay off.

Speaking of patience: The reconstruction of the Harshman Road bridge over The Mad River should begin soon making access to the Eastwood area more difficult. That inconvenience coupled with limited access to the nesting site, no eagle-cams and only one eaglet to watch may make this entire summer a lesson in patience!

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  1. Thank you for all you share. I too miss the webcams. All the bird pictures are beautiful.

  2. Gasp! These are fantastic photos, thank you for your patience and everything else you do!

  3. Thanks Jim, always a pleasure reading your posts.

  4. Thanks Jim for the update!!!! The pictures were great too. It does seem strange not being able to follow the baby eagle right from the nest view! We were very spoiled that’s for sure with the eagle cam!!!!! But for me just knowing that there is one new baby to carry on the beauty of our eagles is awesome!!!! Thanks for all you do and have a great summer. Polly.

  5. Thank you Jim for sending the update I’ve been eagerly waiting for. I also miss the eagle cam a lot. So your posts are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again Diane

  6. Thanks for the update, Cant wait til the parents start training the baby. I have gotten to watch the geese on mallards on our pond train their youth and it is incredible to watch. Are you still thinking late June before it leaves the nest?

  7. Thank you Wanda.

  8. Thank you George.

  9. Thanks again Polly.

  10. It is nice to be appreciated Diane. Thank you.

  11. Late June sounds right Janet. The baby is looking bored up there.

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