Just Too Busy!

You know how you can intend to do one thing but then reality gets in the way and that “one thing” gets pushed back over and over and over again? Yeah? Me too.

I envisioned long hours of eagle watching (not that there is much activity to watch) but I ended up spending almost 2 weeks in Georgia working on my daughter’s home and moving her back to Ohio for a new job here. Then 5 days later we headed to New York City and New England for 12 days of vacation. I drove 2,202 miles in those 12 days and I took hundreds of pictures but the highlights of the trip were the avian encounters that crossed my path. I found high-flying Peregrines above the towering Empire State Building,


Red-Tails nesting within the façade of one of NYC’s ornate, old buildings


and gulls perched atop lighthouses.


Now don’t get me wrong, I love my family and all but I am not a big city guy. The concrete eagles decorating  the ledges of antiquated structures and the shiny, gold-covered eagles on historic Boston buildings are beautiful works of art but the are no match to the feathered majesty of our own Jim and Cindy.

Now I am back home and anxious to see my soaring friends once more. The not-so-little eaglet will fledge in the next few weeks and is spending a lot of time on the Treetop Palace rim staring down at the world below. We have not been able to get any closer images but if you have been to NYC picture one of those façade eagles, except this one moves, blinks, paces impatiently back and forth and flaps its wings… a lot! It knows that it is called to greater heights and grander things but just cannot get airborne yet. It has never taken a bath in the lake, never taken a drink of cool water bigger than a raindrop and has no idea where Mom and Dad keep finding those tasty fish. We hit 91 degrees today and there is little shade up there so it is bored and warm. All of these factors will serve as motivation to fly when the time comes to do so. Oh what an amazing adventure awaits our young friend in the near future! What a wonderfully amazing adventure lies just beyond tomorrow!

One other highlight of the recent trip was running across this lady who really carries a torch for me.


I think I saw her winking at me but all I could catch with my camera was a glimmer of promise in her eye and her pursed lips made me think that she knew something that I didn’t know. Perhaps she had seen an eagle flying across the harbor just behind me and was amused that I had missed it. Perhaps she had winked at the eagle and not at me. Perhaps, just maybe, she knew that


when you are too busy to watch an eagle fly, you are just TOO busy!

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  1. So happy that you’re back home! And glad that your vacation was so good! But it’s good to have you back, posting on our one, awesome, baby eaglet! Can’t wait to see some pics of the lil one! Now get some rest Jim!!! 😉😏😊

  2. welcome home! we missed your posts and pics.

  3. Thank you Patricia.

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