The Wonders of Flight

Dayton, Ohio is all about the wonders of flight. The Wright Bothers were the right brothers to put us on the map. As a native Daytonian that thought is never far from my mind. Wilbur and Orville discovered how to lift men aloft in a heavier-than-air flying machine. Now that was no small task as men had struggled to conquer the dynamics of powered flight for centuries. Geniuses like Da Vinci had failed to develop the correct concepts of thrust, lift, drag and others that these two Dayton brothers applied to their machines. As wonderful as their world-changing discoveries were, Will and Orv did not invent flight. Our feathered friends have been soaring for ages!

Flight, in all of its mystery, comes quite naturally for birds.

I am a window-seat flyer. Flight fascinates me and whether crossing the Atlantic, Pacific or The Rockies, I spend hours peering down watching for wildlife and admiring the ocean waves, creviced peaks or patchwork fields steadily passing by. Each snaking river, wandering highway or sprawling city is a clue to our location and often I imagine how these are the sights that the eagles see as they soar in the skies. But eagles share these skies with many other sojourners.

Jim and Cindy are enjoying those views on their annual post-nesting season sabbatical. They do show up in the well field every now and then but not for long. This lull in eagle activity always leaves me in a bit of a quandary as to what to share on this blog. This year I have decided to share this space with some of those other flying sojourners, the tiniest of all birds, the hummingbird.

The most common hummingbird in Ohio is the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird. Weighing only .07 to .21 of an ounce it would take over a thousands of these little wonders to equal the weight of one eagle! And what wonders they are. With over 900 feathers these little dynamos are powered by tiny hearts that beat up to 1,260 beats per minutes to power wings that beat around 53 times per second and twice each year our hummers travel the skies between Dayton and Central America!

Roger has a little male that calls his place home and is known as Bubba. Without having any recent eagle pictures to share, I thought that you might enjoy a few of Roger’s images of Bubba, Mrs. Bubba and their little ones along with a little light verse to celebrate their beauty.



The Wonders of Hummers



The humming song sung by tiny wings, the smiles that they always bring,



the flash of color darting by from bloom to bloom under sunlit skies,


as they kiss the flowers from dawn’s first light ’til the sunlight yields to the still of night


one of the sweetest sounds  that in summer is heard is the wordless song of the hummingbird!


Pretty amazing birds, pretty amazing images. I just had to share a few of these with you.

As Labor Day is upon us, autumn cannot be far behind, and behind the burst of colors will be falling leaves and better eagle viewing so I hope to be able to share more about much larger birds soon.

Whether on tiny feathered wings, giant feathered wings or manmade wings of cloth or metal, it is fun to be carried away by the wonders of flight.

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  1. What an uplifting way to start my day…thank you!

  2. I just love hummingbirds!!!! I always look forward to early spring and their arrival back in Ohio. I had a male hummer that I called Zero because he had zero tolerance for anything around the feeders! It didn’t matter whether it was another bird, cat, squirrel or human but he did like me and he returned for many years. Awesome pictures from Roger!!!! Thanks for sharing Jim. Polly.

  3. Alway look forward to each new posting, whether eagles, animals, or hummingbirds. Thank you for your diligence and sharing with the less talented.

  4. Another awesome blog Mr. Jim! And I must say, I sure hope Lil Bubba is well and good since his little accident! But the photos are amazing and all the information is so interesting! Hummingbirds are awesome little birds! Reminds me as well as the Eagles, just how great our God is! So thankful for all Gods creatures and creation…….thanks Jim!

  5. Thank you Judy. Eagles are naturally uplifting. As those majestic wings lift them higher and our eyes follow their path, our chins have no choice but to follow our eyes. It is hard to be down when you are looking up.

  6. Thanks again Polly. Humming is a muted form of music. Hummingbirds’ movements are choreographed to their own quiet melodies. Some maestros are more moody than others.

  7. Thank you Steve. We all have our gifts. I am not well “sooted” for chimney cleaning but preventing a chimney fire is a lifesaving task. Thank you for your talents as well.

  8. Thank you Opal. I cannot begin to comprehend God’s greatness but I sure appreciate the opportunity to catch the glimpses that pass my way.

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