Together they labor

stick by stick.


Minute by minute

they add to their home.


Hour by hour

they prepare for the future.


Day by day

their palace grows

as does their bond to one another.


Together the work goes on.

Together each new challenge is met.

Together they share life’s burdens and insure success.

Devotion grows as time is spent side by side; laboring, preparing, dreaming and simply being




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  1. Love this.

  2. We love all of your stories. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated.

  3. Beautiful as always.

    FYI…My husband and I saw a pair of eagles in a corn field a couple of weeks ago! The field was across from Enon Beach off Rt 4 merging onto 70 W. We could have sat and watched for hours, but the traffic whizing by freaked me out! Do you have any knowledge of this pair in Springfield?

  4. I love these exquisite photos by Roger Garber. This ‘oldswimmer’ is also known to Hays Eagle people as SusaninWA . I’ll love following this wordpress blog. Susan .

  5. Absolutely beautiful job Jim! Kinda feel like it could’ve been written about Dan and I! Perfect relationship! Beautiful photos btw!

  6. They are almost always together in January Carol. We love sharing the story and images and hope that there are eggs in about 2 weeks!

  7. Thank you Lee Ann and Lisa! This time of year they are easier to find and there is a bit more of the story to share. It is fun when you can spot one and know that the other will be arriving soon.

  8. Thanks for the report Cindy. There are new nests being spotted across the state. I have heard rumors of a pair nesting just north of the I-70 & I-675 interchange, but all that I have found there are heron nests. There is a pair with an established nest just east of Buck Creek State Park and they fish from the C. J. Brown Reservoir. We have seen Jim and Cindy gather nest lining materials from the cornfield near the well field. When they are on the ground it is easier to appreciate how large they really are. For some reason things look disproportionately smaller when they are elevated. For instance most people are surprised to know that the standard traffic signal is more than 4 feet tall and each lens is 12 inches in diameter.

  9. Thank you Susan. “Exquisite” may be just the right adjective to use in describing Roger’s images. His work consistently blows me away and his patience and dedication really pay off. (He has to be cheating somehow. Nobody can be that good. But I’ve been standing right next to him many times with my own camera and the results are what they are.)

  10. Thanks again Opal. I actually thought of you and Dan as I proofread the post. (Yes, I do proofread each one but I often see what I meant to type instead of what my two index fingers poked out.) Like the story of all marriages, there are different chapters that call for one mate to be strong for the other who cannot. It is all part of a beautiful portrayal of the truths that life’s greatest blessings are worth striving for and life’s most precious moments are those we share together.

  11. Jim, what a lovely tribute. It’s short, but written from the heart with much love and devotion for our eagle pair. Roger’s pictures are amazing. Jim, I always look forward to your blogs, and this is one of my favorites. Thank you.

    Sandy Stricklin
    Omaha, NE

  12. Thank you Sandy. Together is a good thing.

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