“Ations” Are Mighty Funny Things

Watching Jim and Cindy’s Treetop Palace from half a mile away has its limitations. Limitations cause frustrations. Frustrations lead to consternation. Consternation craves consolation. Consolation brings appreciation. Appreciation explodes into exaltation!

And so I burst forth in praise when I finally was able to clearly see this!


I was watching Cindy and one eaglet sharing a snack over a period of several minutes when wing-stretching in the back of the aerie drew my attention to the second (yet unnoticed) eaglet! Weeks ago I had watched both parents simultaneously feeding hatchlings on opposite sides of the nest but on subsequent visits only one eaglet was visible. I knew that by now both eaglets should be large enough to be clearly seen on the rim of the nest but I also knew that if they are not eating our watching for Mom and Dad then they are sleeping. Therefore I was never sure if the single eaglet in my viewfinder was the same eaglet I had seen previously. Those problems would be less likely to occur if I was closer than that half mile distance. Hence the whole limitation to consternation scenario.

Eaglets around the country have faced some pretty scary predicaments this year. Everything from manmade threats like fishing line entanglement to natural threats like owls that go bump in the night. The challenges to survival have always claimed too many first year eaglets but with the proliferation of eagle-cams we are now more aware of these challenges. Hence the consolation to exaltation segment of the scenario when I saw both eaglets at once.

Isn’t it strange how some “ations” work? Take anticipation for instance. Time moves so s-l-o-w-l-y as we impatiently await something but as we look back on the much-anticipated event that seems to have just happened yesterday, we are hit with the realization (There’s another one!) that years have flown by.

Speaking of flying by, seeing a sight like this:


is always a cause for celebration!

Those “ations” are mighty funny things!

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  1. Hooray for seeing the 2nd eaglet!!! I just saw the third eaglet hale and hearty in the nest of Lady & Sir outside of Sevierville today, thanks to photos posted by AEF photographer & volunteer, John Prickett. We kept seeing two – after seeing 3 for awhile. All three are doing fine in the nest! It has been daunting this year – one thing after the other. Nature is tough. But when there is success, there is such joy.

  2. I can’t express the delight in reading this story. Line by line, it was so entertaining and enjoyable. I may have asked before, (Carol here) but have you not written a book or two? Thank you.

  3. Truly enjoy your blog! Thx for making my day a Lil brighter! We drive by the park almost everyday hoping to get a glimpse of those beautiful eagles!…one day it’ll happen…..

  4. I have been waiting for this posting with the same kind of “ation”!!! I have been in touch with someone at the Dayton Daily News who did not seem to have the “entire” Jim and Cindy story. I hope he has connected with you!

    I also suggested that the Dayton Daily New (Cox) like the Pittsburgh Post Gazette make it possible to watch as this beautiful story unfolds. It should be interesting!!

  5. Thank you Jim for the god news! I’ve been wondering

  6. How do I Sen you pictures

  7. This sounds familiar. I arrived at my favorite spot to view the Troy aerie, early in the morning only to find an empty nest. Forty five minutes go by, still no movement. Did a hawk or owl get the eaglets, I thought. Suddenly I see the large wing span of one of the parents dropping breakfast in the nest and flying off. Even though I could only see two sets of eaglet tail feathers it was a relief.


  8. It really is difficult to tell which eaglet is which Carolyn. I have seen an eaglet pop back down into the nest and then pop up again on the other side and thought that it surely must have been the other one but you can never be sure unless you see them all at the same time. (I think they know that and are just teasing us to fight the boredom up there.)

  9. I am glad that you enjoyed this one too Carol. I believe you have asked that question before but I am not sure if I have answered it. I have written a few books for the grandkids. I also have a couple of eagle stories on this laptop that I have never had printed. They are educational adventures for children. If there really was an interest I might do something with them (my wife has suggested that I should stop giving my stories away and try to make a little money) but by the time you have something printed you would have to charge $30 or so to make a profit.

  10. Persistence pats off Lynda. Just remember when it does that there is traffic around you! (Keep an eye on the large tree on the entrance road just west of the first cut-through to the lake. Last year’s juvenile is fond of that tree!)

  11. I did see your email Diane but have not heard from DDN. I talk to them once or twice a year when eagle questions are raised but have heard nothing this year. I have also worked with Five River Metro Parks over the years. They contacted me earlier this month seeking some assistance. I have asked them to allow me to have a sign made to help folks view the nest. I am willing to pay for the sign if they will give me permission to post it. I do wish they would promote the opportunity to watch our eagles more.

  12. Wonder no more Diane. The amazing duo should fledge in the last half of June and I will let everyone know as soon as I do!

  13. Bobby, you can attach images to a message on our eastwoodeaglewatchers@gmail.com address.

  14. Eat, sleep, eat. sleep… Gee Ron, don’t they realize we worry about them? How about a little Do Not Disturb sign so we know they are just resting and that something bad hasn’t happened to them! It is funny how consistent the behavior is at every nest. Each bird has their own personality, habits and preferences but all in all they are pretty predictable once you get to know them!

  15. I so look forward every year to seeing the new Eaglets. I look forward to a picture where I can actually see them in flight or in the nest.

  16. Thank you for your comment Tracy. I hope we can provide you a flying eaglet picture soon!

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