Two by Two

One can be a very lonely number. In fact songwriters have claimed that one is the loneliest number. But a faithful friend can make all the difference. Just ask The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Jack and Jill or Batman and Robin. Life is just easier with a friend, especially if that friend is your own dependable and devoted mate, like in the case of Jim and Cindy!


The deepest bonds dwell in friendships where communication is often wordless and real companionship grows by just spending hours together. True friendships are beautiful miracles and the truest friendships last a lifetime!

The rigorous demands of the nesting season, the hours of flight training and hunting demonstrations have slipped away like the summer heat. The arrival of autumn means quieter days of less activity and more freedom. Eagles relish these days of cool breezes and brisk, clear skies. This is the time of intentional bonding motivated by the will and not by the pressing demands of life. These are the days of spending time together not by necessity but by choice.

And not just for pair-bonded adults but for juveniles too. Young eagles love companionship and this year’s nest mates are no exception.


Siblings can be very good friends. Spending time together along the lakeshore and just watching the world go by can be very bonding in its own way. Their companionship began blossoming during those 12 long weeks of passing time away in The Treetop Palace. But like all siblings, their relationship grows a bit competitive at times so quiet perching can lead to a bit of rivalry, roughhousing and horsing (or eagling) around.


Not-so-young eagles also long for companionship…and home. The memories of family bonds and comforting surroundings can lure wandering eagles from previous nesting seasons back to their natal areas for autumn homecomings. The relaxed atmosphere of these shortening days creates the perfect opportunity to return to where it all began and to linger among the nostalgic memories of bygone days and familiar sights and sounds.


Someone once said, “You can never go home again.” but at least for a brief period of time in this less hectic season, home may be the best place to be. “Home” and “childhood” are two more of those miraculous things that make life worth living and more enjoyable. Life passes through seasons just like this planet that we call home and every season has its miracles. As some feathered friends are returning to our area, others are leaving for warmer climes.


Miracles come in all sizes but as Roger’s wonderful pictures have illustrated, every single one is a blessing. Whether one by one, two by two or in much greater numbers, every miracle is a wonderful gift, a gift for which we should be thankful. There is beauty all around us and we can see it reflected in the vastness of the heavens or in a simple, solitary drop of water.


But miracles are best when shared by two.

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  1. The pictures and words together are so beautiful!!!! Jim and Cindy have a bond that some people never have, Thanks for sharing Jim!!!!

  2. Beautiful, we love your writings Jim.

  3. Thank you Jim, it is such a pleasure.

  4. Thank you. Beautiful.

  5. So beautifully said!

  6. Jim all I can say is, that was written so beautifully! Thank you!

  7. Good point Polly. God designed us to love and care for one another and to share a fellowship far deeper than our current culture finds comfortable. We are becoming more and more accustomed to self-entertainment and isolation through TV, video-gaming, streaming movies… The days of cozying up around a fireplace on a cold winter’s night (or even around a dinner table on any night) and really enjoying intimate conversation have vanished from many families. Even short trips in our cars are filled with earphones and small screens. Hours spent “together” are not bonding moments if our minds are elsewhere. God can teach us a lot through Creation. We seem to be afraid to “be still and know” Him and our families and marriages show the strain of too much tension and not enough interdependency and intimacy of hearts.

  8. Thank you LeeAnn and Lisa. “Beautiful” is a wonderful adjective to use in describing the wonders of Jim and Cindy’s adventure. The inspiration that they carry through the skies challenges me to let go of the petty issues that anchor my heart and to cut the bands of regrets that tether me to that anchor. Freedom is not just about where we go, it is also about what we let go of. Eagles know that to soar they must release the security of their perch and trust in the wisdom of their design and Designer.

  9. Thank you Roger for sharing your gift so freely. God uses you to help all of our blog followers and visitors to refocus on the beauty that we tend to pass by as we rush through life. “A picture paints a thousand words” because it freezes time and allows us to notice the details of life around us. The eye of an eagle, a feather on a hummingbird’s wing, the majesty of a setting sun or a single drop of water all reflect a moment of fleeting beauty that is captured in your images. We are blessed with 5 senses to see, taste, feel, smell and hear the wonder of it all because it all reflects His wonderful grace, provision and love. The pleasure is all mine. Thank you friend.

  10. Thank you for your faithfulness Carol. The story continues to amaze and inspire.

  11. Thank you Sue. Inspiration comes in many forms. I am glad that the beauty comes through in our posts.

  12. Thank you April. Many found beauty in this part of Jim and Cindy’s story. Creation is full of reminders that we need each other through the many seasons of life. I am so glad that we have this opportunity to touch so many with the wonder of our eagles’ story.

  13. Thank you for making it possible to follow the Eagles. I miss the live cam, but your commentary makes the posts and pictures very enjoyable. I hope you continue following them and posting for us.

  14. Ah, Jim – you painted the picture again. What a voice for nature you are. How I enjoy your posts. You have such a gift.

  15. Thank you for your kind words Karen. We miss our live cam as well. Their story is not easily captured in still images and my words fall far short of relating the excitement and trials of their adventure but the story is worth telling. We hope to keep the updates flowing.

  16. I am glad that you enjoyed the post Carolyn. This keyboard is but a conduit through which the wonders of God’s creativity flow. He provides the subject matter and the inspiration. My prayer is that I can share the wonders of His creativity with others in an entertaining and thought-provoking way that focuses on His unseen attributes that permeate the natural world and bring a refreshing pause to our hectic world.

  17. Well said!

  18. Thank you Nancy.

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