The Necessity of Autumn Chores

Chores! Too many chores! Late autumn is full of them and they all need to be done.

We rush to take advantage of a few days of decent weather to prepare for the not-so-decent weather that is bound to hit us eventually. The patio furniture must be stored, the grill has to be covered, the wood pile should be prepared to make us cozy on chilly winter nights, storm windows must be installed, roofs prepared, furnaces inspected and readied, gutters cleaned, summer plants removed, vegetable gardens cleared, automobiles made ready for the frigid temperatures, slippery ice and sloppy slush… And don’t even mention the endless supply of leaves! All of these annual duties fall on top of the usual mopping, vacuuming, laundry, dishes… (I know that the word chores has six letters but it is really just a 4-letter word in disguise…WORK.)

All of those chores can easily get in the way of quiet walks in the wood, eagle watching by the lake and sharing the beauty of nature with friends. There are only so many decent days left in the year and it seems like such a shame to waste them on chores!

But chores are a necessity. Even for eagles. Jim and Cindy are laboring away at nestorations in preparation for the oncoming nesting season. Jim’s main job appears to be bringing home sticks for Cindy to place wherever she pleases. Sometimes he tries to offer a suggestion or two but our girl can be pretty strong-willed. After a brief tug-a-war Jim will fly off in search of yet another suitable construction timber.

But even while completing the list of autumn chores a person needs a break every now and then! That is when the fun begins as Jim and Cindy make a quick run to Eastwood to flirt with one another or to just rest.



Just seeing Jim passing overhead inspecting his domain can be an exhilaratingly beautiful sight. The clarity of his focus and his almost effortless flight is inspiring if you happen to be blessed enough to witness his journey.



Seeing Cindy landing in a nearby tree can be just as captivating. Her newly formed, pristine feathers glisten in the sunlight. She is at her best this time of year! Fall is a time for courting and she dresses to impress her mate. The damaged, soiled, worn out feathers that testified of the rigors of incubation, brooding and eaglet rearing now lay discarded on the ground somewhere, like a fading memory.


But greater still is the thrill of seeing our duo together and watching as their bonds grow even stronger while they simply enjoy each other’s company. I could sit and watch them silently bond like this for hours. That would be a much better use of this beautiful mid-November day.


But all too soon their brief break is over. First one and then the other takes wing, returning to The Treetop Palace to add a few more sticks to their already impressive fortress. Even majestic American Bald Eagles cannot escape the necessity of autumn chores.



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  1. Thank you for the post. I loved it.

  2. Exquisite photos, Jim, and as usual, a wonderful well written summary of your observations that you share with all of us. Thank you so much.

  3. WOW 546 Followers ! Thank you Jim.

  4. Thanks Diane. Their work is a labor of love but still a labor.

  5. Thank you Glogdog. I have to agree on Roger’s images! I am a pretty competitive person but I gave up on competing with Rog a long time ago. The man is gifted. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

  6. Those 546 followers are all very dear to me, my friend. Many are at a point in life where they can no longer venture out as they once did. Many are so busy with the demands of life that their every moment is occupied by necessities. Still others simply live in areas to which eagles have not yet returned. Your images capture more of the beauty and majesty of Jim and Cindy’s story than my words could every reflect. And their story is a story worth telling for it is a story of struggle and triumph, faithfulness, determination and mutual devotion. It is a story of the wonders of God’s creative perfection and a challenge for each of us to live in the reality of His love. Almost unparalleled as an example of God’s grace, eagles inspire us to let go of our trials and soar! Thank you for partnering with me in this adventure.

  7. Always so happy to see your words and photos. Thanks for keeping us up to date on our Eastwood Eagles. They are indeed a precious treasure and so good to hear they are thriving in our nearby habitat. You are indeed an inspiration to us and our fellow followers. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  8. We = Are sticking with you Jim. R&M

  9. It is always so good to hear from you and also that our eagles are okay!!! They are beautiful and the photos are breathtaking!!!! Thanks for sharing and being our eyes. Don’t overdo on the chores though and have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!!! Polly.

  10. Thanks Michael. I hope we find more local nests this winter. We could support another nest or two if Jim and Cindy don’t mind. We have much to be thankful for.

  11. Couldn’t do it without you two, “R&M”, and several others who contribute regularly to this blog. I am glad you are the sticky type. I count you all (along with our many followers and visitors) among my many blessings for which I am so thankful, this week and always. In trying times we all can use a reminder to look up beyond our struggles and remember that we are more than conquerors in Him. God has designed us to soar on eagle’s wings!

  12. Thank you Polly. I am always pleased and encouraged by your comments here. Even when raking leaves I am looking up because you just never know when God may send you yet another reason to smile. I have never been accused of “overdoing chores”. (My wife has a finely tuned ability to spot that which is underdone.) I am blessed beyond measure and you are on that long list of blessings. May your Thanksgiving be full of joy, peace and contentment as you consider how abundantly He has poured out His love upon us.

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