Embracing Hope


What a simple little word. Only one syllable. Only four letters (and one of them silent).

“Hope” is truly a very simple little word in its construction but hope is crucial for our survival. That simplicity of its construction conceals the enormity of its meaning. As a verb, the dictionary defines hope as “to desire with expectation of fulfillment” and as a noun “the object of one’s confidence”. How crucial is hope? Without hope people perish.

To be hopeless is to be in dire straits. Hopelessness is a vast turbulent sea of dark despair whose waves can sweep us away, toss us to and fro, and batter us around like an old rag doll. Hopelessness can utterly consume us.

But just as a ray of sunlight instantly shatters the darkness of night and just as the soothing voice and loving embrace of a mother’s arms dispels the nightmarish fears of a sleepy child, hope can be restored to the hopeless in the twinkling of an eye.

In the illustrations above, the sunlight or the mother are “the object of one’s confidence”. They are simultaneously both hope and a source of hope. To receive the hope of sunlight, the one in darkness must open their eyes and, likewise, the fearful child must accept her mother’s arms.

Hope must be embraced.

Jim has embraced Hope.

(In our last posting I asked for your help in finding a name for Jim’s new mate. Over the week I have received dozens and dozens of comments with nearly 80 different suggestions. Every one was quite interesting and many of you included a small explanation for your suggested name. But Hope was suggested 3 times more than any other name! Thank you all for helping in this process.)

Jim and Hope are looking very much like a bonded pair. Work on the nest has slowed as now is the time for wooing. Yesterday I watched as they danced across the sky together, flipping and spinning and reaching for one another as only eagles do. I also watched as Jim chased several juveniles from the area. He is becoming more engrossed in his new mate and more protective of his territory as the nesting season draws near. These are very positive signs, signs full of hope.

But the most hopeful image of all is seeing their bonding grow as they perch, sing, chatter, scold and proclaim their claim to their territory together. I give you Jim and Hope, Monarchs of The Treetop Palace.


Join Jim and The Eastwood Eagle Watchers in embracing Hope.


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  1. Loved reading your post, Embracing Hope. Beautifully written, as always. I look forward to each new story. On Feb 4, 2017 9:02 AM, “Eastwood Eagle Watchers” wrote:

    > eaglejim posted: “Hope. What a simple little word. Only one syllable. Only > four letters (and one of them silent). “Hope” is truly a very simple little > word in its construction but hope is crucial for our survival. That > simplicity of its construction conceals the enormity” >

  2. Thanks for sharing such great news!

  3. Hope is beautiful.

  4. I love to see the eagles, and life, through your eyes and your words. Thank you Jim. I too am ‘hopeful’ for this new family.

  5. Is there a third adult in the area? Last Sunday I thought and the west end of the lake there was an adult with a juvenile hanging around. The ‘pair’ kept chasing off other juveniles as they would fly near. Just curious if you or anyone else observed this same thing.

  6. I so happy for You & our new pair, God works in mysterious ways, I hated to hear of Jim’s prior mate, totally sobbed, but with your encouraging emails, there came a light at the end of the tunnel, Jim is happy again, finding a new mate, but never in forgetting his past . . . I luv, luv, luv the name of HOPE, it gives up a great future. . . I look forward many more updates & new eaglets,. . . Thanx for all you do . . . Sunshine from Sarasota . . . God Bless You, Jim & Hope . . . ❣

  7. Thank you Pat. Embracing hope is a powerful action.

  8. Great news is the best kind to share Lowell! I’m glad that you enjoyed hearing it.

  9. Hope always is John. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Thank you Nancy. A life with hope is a life that is full.

  11. Great name! I knew in your last beautiful up date the names were jumping off the page Faith or Hope.. perfect!!
    If I left a suggestion correctly to your last post I had to choose faith as I am also a faithful -as of last year – eagle watcher. I follow the Nefl eagles Romeo & Juliet . king & queen of their hamlet .. they have two little hatchlings named Hope & peace.
    I look forward to hearing your updates on Jim & Hope & I am keeping faith that you”ll have some exciting news in the coming months…
    The pictures are amazing!
    Thank you !
    My best regards

  12. I am so happy!!!!! I did pick Princess.. I hope they have a wonderful long life and God Bless this new pair and God Bless all the babies to come!!!!!

  13. There are adults that pass through the area Aaron and there are several young adults (or subadults) that have fairly white heads in the area as well. We have seen several at that end of the lake recently. As they age they will begin looking for territory of their own. Jim and Hope may share a bit of their realm but that remains to be seen.

  14. Thank you sunshine. You are too kind. Hope makes us smile. Hope can bring us through the darkest of times. Where there is hope despair flees and the sun shines again. Hope enables a weary heart to rejoice and to soar again!

  15. Thank you Kimberly. I am aware of little Hope and Peace and have watched their recent arrival. But you can never have too much hope.

  16. Love the name Hope! Love the photo of Jim and Hope! Love that Jim and Hope are now a couple! Love Eagles!

  17. Thanks for helping us out Delores. You can never tell what the next page of this adventure will reveal but it is certain to be…..well….an adventure!

  18. Hope is the PERFECT name for her. She embodies our hope for the future safety of all eagles, as well as the creation of new eagles. She is the Queen of Hope now!

  19. Love the new name! Looking forward to an exciting season! Thank you for the update and your dedication to these eagles.

  20. Beautiful name for a beautiful bird. Thank you for the story Jim.

  21. Greetings from Virginia! I’ve been following your blog posts for a number of months now, since sometime late last summer I think. I grew up in the Forest Ridge neighborhood, a very short drive from Eastwood Park & Lake. I’ve been in Virginia since 2009, as the result of my job relocating, but will be heading back to Ohio and likely the Dayton area after I retire near the end of the year. I look forward to some personal eagle watching in the not too distant future. Until then I will have to be satisfied with your posts! Thank you for doing this, and keep up the excellent work! Yours in Hope,

    Ken Weissman

  22. I know I cannot wait!!!

  23. Thanks Janice! I could see a lot of hope in your comment!

  24. We are hopeful that she will live up to her name Janie. Jim sure seems tp like her too. Thanks for commenting.

  25. You are welcome Teresa. It is a real blessing to be able to watch the story unfold and share the excitement with others.

  26. Thanks Lee Ann. She is quite something to behold.

  27. Thanks for checking in Ken. We have made our home in the Quail Hollow neighborhood since ’93 so if you return to find Forest Ridge Boulevard or Silver Oak a bit rutted it is from my frequent trips from home to Eastwood! We will keep you up to date. By the way, the corn field behind the Klosterman Bakery store on Valley Street is where Jim likes to gather up corn stalk leaves for carpeting the nursery.

  28. I moved to Dayton from San Diego last October. I miss the Ospreys there.Your writings are so so profound , THANK YOU! I look forward to following the eagles. Took me a few attempts to locate the area and site. Eventually found it with the help of someone from the Wellands. Hope to meet some of you sometime!

  29. Welcome to Dayton Trish! The nest is a bit hard to find but our eagles love their privacy. I hope we cross paths soon too.

  30. Is there a web cam from which we can watch Jim and Hope?

  31. Thank you for asking Candace. We did have an online eaglecam but it was discontinued after a few years due to a number of reasons.

  32. Thank you for responding. I am presently watching the NE Florida eagles. If/when Peace is returned to the nest, may Hope or the parents reject him after being away for a while?

  33. Well Candace, If they determine that Peace is able to be returned there are no guarantees. That depends on the individual parents and the nestmate. Many times the parents respond very favorably but sibling rivalry is an issue in many aeries. But I want you to trust that those carrying for the eaglet will do what is best for the eaglet. Life in the wild is wild and sometimes the ideal situation for which we pray and hope just cannot happen. Those caring for Peace and those overseeing the NE Florida nest all have Peace’s best interests in mind. Even if Peace is deemed non-releasable and it is necessary for the youngster to remain in captivity, Peace will have a full and happy life. I want you to find rest and peace in that truth.

  34. Thank you for responding. I did witness some sibling rivalry shortly after they hatched. If I am correct, Peace is the older of the two, and he would “attack” Hope every now and then. I know we have to let nature take its course, but it’s very hard when you get attached to these birds. They’re like family. That you for all you do.

  35. Thanks again Candace. Hang in there!

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