It’s Impossible

Perry Como crooned a song by that title. It was a song about a certain man’s inability to live without a certain woman’s love. The lyrics mentioned a number of things that were impossible (or in some cases requests that were impossible to be fulfilled): “tell the sun to leave the sky; ask a baby not to cry; for the ocean to keep from rushing to the shore…”

For me however, it’s impossible to not be inspired when I see an eagle fly!

Eagles move me. Their grace and beauty, power and strength, focus and determination are unmatched in the animal kingdom. They are the epitome of freedom and liberty. They challenge me to be more faithful, resilient and appreciative of the many blessing I have as an American and as a human being. They dare me to let go of the petty cares and concerns that preoccupy my mind and tether me to the ground and to allow myself to soar.

This week I have had the privilege of watching Jim and Hope as they all but finished the preparation for this year’s eggs. After completing their daily work on the nest they danced their way across the sky in wide, independent circles that intersected with flips and twirls where they reached out for one another, talon to talon. As I watched those wide circles seamlessly merged into a singular arc of two eagles flying side by side, wingtip to wingtip. My human ears cannot comprehend the silent melody to which they dance but they embrace the age-old refrains with complete ecstasy, becoming totally enraptured in one another’s presence. Simply amazing! Eloquently breathtaking! Purely inspirational!

On one of those occasions I grabbed a bank deposit slip from my car’s console and scribbled down these words.


Way up high in a cloudless sky a love story unfolds,

On gracious wings where two hearts sing despite the winter’s cold.

A majestic eagle and his mate frolic in the air,

Enraptured by each other’s form, they dance without a care.

Each movement brings them closer and strengthens lifelong bonds

That will see them through tomorrow, the next day and beyond.

The bonds that they are forming will be tested day by day,

But through testing they’ll grow stronger

While they strive to find their way.

Together the will conquer!

Together they will cope!

Together they’re victorious!

Together they have hope!

High across the heavens they dance on outstretched wings

While, here below, I stand in awe as my spirit soars and sings!


If you have never been captivated by the sight of courting eagles consumed not by their fight for survival but by their devotion to one another, put it on your bucket list. Find the time, make the time to see something so beautiful and so spectacular that it may take your breath away. The love, beauty and majesty of The Creator is reflected in every chord of the silent melody that is heard not with the ear but with the heart and embraced through the eye as we watch the dancers slowly dissolve into the gentle, azure skies.

Can someone watch the dance and yet miss the inspiration that uplifts massive wings,  carrying them higher in the sky and deeper into the human heart? I suppose so, but for me it’s impossible.



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  1. I look forward to your posts as I just love them!

  2. Just beautiful, thank you for sharing.

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  3. Absolutely beautiful

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Love them. Their beauty makes me cry happy tears!

  6. Wow! Your words always move me so and you have captured in words so well what we see and feel when we spot them . I tell friends I can not give them words for what I feel when I see them, hold them in rehab or on the glove. You look into their eyes and you soar like they do! Only way to explain what I feel. You have done way better than I and I would love to share your poem with all the volunteers at the Raptor Center where I volunteer if that is okay with you? I will not share until it is okayed by you. It also may find it’s way to one of the AEF pages on Face Book if that is ok with you also! You make my heart sing like the birds do!! Thank you so much for always uplifting my day when you post!

  7. Your poem paints a picture so beautiful and heartwarming that the smile that has lit up my face reaches down to my soul and makes me soar.

  8. Omygosh. I am totally speechless after reading these beautiful words. Someday I hope to see that beautiful sight that you described so eloquently. Your words gave me the opportunity to actually visualize what you witnessed. And it brought me to tears . God’s perfect plan unfolded before me through your words. His plans for Love and hope, not just for Jim and Hope, but for humanity as well.
    Thank you, thank you, Mr. Weller, for sharing with us.

  9. Jim, may I post that in our Poem document on the AEF website?

  10. Likewise 🙂

  11. Once again your beautiful words and pictures allow us to share in this vision of Eastwood Eagles. Thanks again for all your efforts. We are so lucky to be a part of this adventure almost in our back yard.

  12. So beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Dorothy. Knowing that you and others out there look for our updates with anticipation makes us smile. This world needs more love.

  14. Thank you for your kind words. We love sharing the story.

  15. Why thank you Ann. The story is a beautiful story to share and the pictures testify to the beauty of the subjects of our admiration.

  16. Thank you Susan. They are so beautiful, sometimes it rubs off.

  17. Awee! No words to describe your majestic talent to describe your stories!

  18. Thanks Leighann. Happy tears are the best kind!

  19. Beautiful poem.

  20. Thanks again Joleen. I am glad the words moved you. I truly understand the limit words have in describing the wonder one experiences during an eagle encounter. As I said in the post, sometimes I am so moved I begin scribbling and only read the words afterwards. That is how inspiring they are. As a big supporter of AEF and their efforts to inspire and educate Americans to the beauty and care of birds of prey I would be honored if my words could be of assistance in that mission.

  21. That is a mighty deep smile Carolyn! Only a loving heart could smile that deeply. Your words are very encouraging and renew my efforts to share the story.

  22. Wow! Thanks Pat. You are too kind. “Speechless” truly describes the experience of encountering a wild eagle but speechless posts are pretty short so I try. The Creator’s handiwork is painted on every eagle aerie and His thumbprint is on each feather. It is truly hard to miss the majesty of it all! “I know the plans I have for you…”

  23. Sure Carolyn, you know I am a big fan. (I hope all goes well with Peace’s recovery.) Thanks for all you do.

  24. Absolutely love!!!

  25. Thanks Roger.

  26. Thank you Patricia. Back yard birding has become a lot more fun!

  27. I am glad that you enjoyed it Terry.

  28. Thank you Vicky. I wish that my words could do them justice, but like trying to describe a sunset or to put into words the joy in a new mother’s heart, somethings are truly too grand for words.

  29. Thank you Wanda. We are glad that you enjoyed it.

  30. Absolutely grateful Diane. I am glad that it touched your heart.

  31. I continue to look forward to your beautiful writing and updates on the Treetop Palace. I am wondering if there are ways to see the nest and activities from Eastwood Lake. Recently I went over there and found the entrances closed due to the road construction.

    I learned of the tragic news about Cindy within hours after you posted
    it. I was just unable to find the right words to express my sorrow in a
    written response.

    I look forward to follow the news on Jim and Hope in this nesting season hoping for the best.

  32. Your writings help me visualize the beauty that you see! Your poem is magnificent! Your words are beautiful! Thanks so much. Look forward to your next post.

  33. I hope you have a live cam on an eagle’s nest, Jim. I am hooked on the Hays Eagles in Pittsburgh PA. Pix controller has a high power can perched above their nest. This year’s first egg has just arrived two days ago. The next one might be today. This is the fourth year I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the whole wonderful cycle.

  34. Hi Victoria. The bridge construction on Harshman Road makes things a bit more complicated but the entrance to both Eastwood Park (at the traffic signal) and Eastwood Lake are open except when there happens to be a large beam being trucked into place. When the bridge is completed it will allow for safer left turns into the lake area and accommodate pedestrians as well.

  35. Thank you Janice. We try to enable people to experience a bit of what we experience out there. I am glad that came through for you.

  36. We had a live cam on the nest Susan but it was discontinued after 2 years due to monetary issues. Thank you for commenting.

  37. So amazingly beautiful and perfect. Thank you!

  38. Thank you Julie. The dance stirs our anticipation for what lies ahead!

  39. Thx so much for caring & sharing so much about these magnificent creatures!!

  40. Wonderful post and I loved your poem. I only discovered the local eagles here in Butler county last January 2016. i get out when I can to photograph and just enjoy their presence!! . . I find watching them fly and capturing it with my camera, downright INTOXICATING and come home with my mood lifted for hours.

    Either people get the love for eagles or they do not. And “It’s Impossible” is a great comparison. Some people eyes glaze over when I tell them about these great birds…I feel sorry for them for not getting in touch with nature and witnessing it all.

  41. It is our pleasure to share the story Lynda. Thanks for commenting.

  42. It is interesting how different people enjoy different things. I know many people who love going to movies but movies generally bore me. I would rather spend two hours in nature than in a theater. I find the reality of life in the wild much more entertaining, more refreshing and more captivating than any manmade story, no matter how well it is produced. That’s just me. I have met others who find hiking and nature watching as boring as I find movies. Nothing wrong with either view, just different strokes for different folks, but I do feel that those who do not enjoy the experience of being carried away by the thrill of the wild are missing out on something very precious. Thanks for commenting.

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