Annual Tasks

A task is something that must be accomplished. It is work. It is usually necessary and quite often not all that fun to do.

Every year my wife and I try to accomplish one major project around our home. Those projects are usually fairly expensive. New garage doors, replacement windows, remodeling a bathroom or the kitchen… the list of recent projects seems endless. When I decide to do the work myself it becomes a task… a long, arduous, time-consuming, multiple-trips-to-the-home improvement store task.

This year our annual task was refreshing the family room. That meant new carpet, new paint, new wainscoting, new laminate flooring, new woodwork, minor electrical upgrades and the purchase of new furniture. Although I did almost all of the work myself the project did take a lot of time and money and I still need to build a new oak mantle for the fireplace. (That project has consumed my time and delayed my blog posting as well.)

I was thinking about annual tasks on my last visit to Eastwood where Jim and Hope are now actively feeding eaglets!

Eaglet feeding is a time-consuming task as well. Jim will often deliver fresh food to the nest where he and Hope will each feed someone… (We believe that there are at least two bobbleheads up there!)


but soon he is off again on another grocery run!


Once in a while he will venture over to Eastwood where he will make a quick scan of the trees looking for wandering eagles before catching one more fish for the young’uns.

RGP 961

RGP 963

RGP 962

Now like many of you, we have raised our own children so I know how challenging the childrearing task can be. That thought was flashing through my mind as I watched Jim and Hope at work until a more frightening thought chased the first thought away: “Eagles have to do that task every single year!” Can you imagine having new babies every spring? I shuddered at the thought. I mean, I love my daughters and all but new babies every single year seems like an impossible task! The whole idea gave me an even deeper admiration for the strength and fortitude of these amazing avian wonders.

All over Eastwood and the well field wild creatures are beginning the task of rearing offspring. Wobbly legged White-Tailed Deer fawns are finding the strength to frolic behind Mom after spending the daylight hours bedded down in the tall grass. Coyote pups are pouncing on littermates under Mother’s watchful eye. Fuzzy kits scamper from their secluded den while Mother Red Fox keeps tabs of her babies. Mama groundhog leads a parade of babies as they forage together in the grass. The Great Blue Heron rookeries will soon be a din of noise and a flutter of activity as incubated eggs produce hungry young, and Mother beaver will lead her babies through their underwater doorway and out for their first swim.

My back and my knees tell me that remodeling our family room was a tiring task but the world around us is full of animals accomplishing far greater tasks of far more importance than my own. I admire them all and I am very grateful that more human childrearing is nowhere on my list of future annual tasks.

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  1. What a wonderful insight. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I was checking my email today to see if anything new had come in. What a treat tonight to read about our new family! I am so glad the Dayton tradition has continued after such a loss of Cindy. May Hope be a part of our lives for decades to come!!

  3. You write so beautiful and thank you for the updates on Jim and Hope. I hope you find time to rest up before your next task.

  4. I love your stories Jim.

  5. So pleased to hear that all has worked out well on the nest and that the cycle of life continues for Jim. Following from the Uk.

  6. How wonderful it is that we can take pause to observe the wonders occurring around us. A new chapter with the eastwood eagles, increased activity as they care for their new chicks and blessed by those who take note and pictures of it.

  7. Missed your posts! Great post!! Thank you for my smile!

  8. I am so happy for them…. Thanks for keeping me updated…

  9. The Bible even uses Eagles as an illustration of how our loving Creator takes care of us as his offspring! One of the reasons I love eagles so much! Greatest examples of parenting in the animal kingdom!…

  10. Thanks for commenting Janet. To Do Lists never catch up with the Got It Done Lists especially with children around!

  11. Cindy would be a “tough act to follow” but Hope is off to a good start!

  12. Thanks Lee Ann but what is this “rest up” of which you speak?

  13. Thanks Marty! I am always surprised and encouraged by comments like yours. Sharing the story of the adventure as it progresses is never a task, but almost always a joy!

  14. Thank you for checking in Jillian. No matter what continent one calls home the cycle of life continues to turn. Sometimes it appears to sputter and shake a bit but it never stops turning.

  15. Thank you Dona. We love to share the wonders of their story! Each chapter is full of the reality of challenges to survival and the ability and fortitude to overcome them!

  16. Thank you Julie. Glad you are smiling now!

  17. Thanks for commenting Delores. Updates are what we do. Whether up in the sky on soaring wings or up in the palace with hungry eaglets, we enjoy our dates with inspiration and admiration.

  18. Good observation Lynda. Strength, protection, perseverance, resourcefulness, power, integrity, ingenuity… all attributes that reflect His character and provision. Nothing captures freedom and strength more than the phrase, “mount up with wings like eagle’s.”

  19. Great way to look at things Jim, I hope you find joy in all that you do.

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