“Now”… Now that is an interesting word. By the time you have uttered its single syllable, that “now” has passed and another “now” has arrived.

Webster’s dictionary defines “now” as “at the present time or moment” and moments pass in a fleeting parade of instants, never to be seen again. They are more numerous than the grains of sand on a seashore and they can slip through our fingers just as easily. Moments can only be truly captured within our memories where those captured moments are cherished by our hearts forever, whether they invoke smiles or tears. Maybe that is why the precious moments of “now” are referred to as “the present” because they truly are a present, a blessing, a treasured gift from God.

Many times “now” walks with a partner who is not like “now” at all…”then”. People often say “every now and then” this or that happens. The two words are in many ways polar opposites. As tiny as “now” is, its companion “then” is anything but! “Then” is massive! “Then is everything that is not “now”! In fact, as “now” flees away it becomes another part of “then”!

Every now and then I make myself pause to count my blessings, and my “nows” are full of them. Recently, on one such occasion, I was reminded of what a privilege it is to be able to watch our local Bald Eagles work and play around me and I was challenged in my heart to never lose sight of that wonder. As I have come to know more and more about eagles I find that at times I can become so engrossed in that knowledge that I lose sight of their grandeur. This is a trap that comes with adulthood.

Let me illustrate it this way: Close your eyes and drift back in your mind to a different “now”… a moment in time when you were a seven year old child filled with curiosity and wonder. Every flower was a wonder-filled marvel of beauty and fragrance! A dandelion was not a weed in the lawn but a thousand fairies awaiting to be freed by a puff of your breath. A sundrenched field or grassy hillside was not a place of labor but a playground for exploration, discovery and an opportunity to bask in the warmth and amazement of it all! Picture yourself lying on that hillside intentionally breathing deeply to capture the aroma of life, engulfed in the carefree world of childhood and innocence. As you glance at a lone, wispy cloud floating by you notice a majestic eagle dancing on the sunbeams and you are instantly captivated by its gracefulness. Slowly its mesmerizing circles carry your imagination aloft, higher and higher into the heavens and you long for the ability to fly. Remember the joys of that long ago “now” and allow yourself to relax in the tranquility and security of that moment.

Every now and then I am encouraged to put down the camera and just watch an eagle soar.

Our eaglets are ready to fly. Now is the time. They are almost impossible to see from Eastwood while they are branched out onto nearby shady boughs. Their wings are strong and fully feathered. Jim and Hope are seldom in the nest as they allow the youngsters to grow hungry and lonely for their companionship in an effort to encourage them to take that first step into freedom.

It has become a tradition that each year I post this little poem that I penned a few years back while impatiently waiting for Jim and Cindy’s first eaglets to fledge. This year the familiar impatience has returned as I watch Jim and Hope’s youngsters. It is my tribute to this annual moment when young wings do what they were designed to do. The “now” when a young eagle experiences a thrill that I still long to know.


Two Little Eaglets

By Jim Weller (June 16, 2011)

Two little eaglets

Way up in the tree.

Two little eaglets,

Looking down at me.


You sit there in your aerie

Staring at the sky,

And every time you flap your wings

My heart lets out a sigh.


Silly little eaglets

Hovering o’er the nest,

Do you even know that you can fly?

Your wings will stand the test.


Do you even care that I’m waiting here

To see you soaring high?

I’m tethered to the earth below

But you, you own the sky!


If I were an eaglet

And could do what you can do,

Without a moment’s hesitation

I would launch into the blue.


But wait! One’s perched upon the edge!

It leans into the breeze!

It spreads its wings! Then hops back down.

You’re such a little tease.


I know that you are old enough

Your wings are sure and strong,

Dancing high across the sky

Is where eagles belong.


You’re made for inspiration.

You can make the mute heart sing

Rejoicing in your majesty

Borne on outstretched wing.


“Why don’t you fly?” I ask out loud.

“When will you learn to soar?

I know that you are ready!

What are you waiting for?”


Then deep within my spirit,

The eaglets speak somehow.

They say, “We’ll take that leap of faith

When we hear God whisper, ‘Now!’ “

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  1. Always interesting, the stories, the poems !
    Thank you so much!

  2. Beautiful

  3. Wow!!! Gosh a tear came to my eyes reading this and so happy that they came together and made their babies.. This turned out to be a wonderful ending to this season… May they fledge high and free and always have a full crop.. Thank You.. Beautiful Poem for sure…..

  4. As always, so enjoyed your “new” post! This one was super duper special, 2 little eaglets made my day!! 😊🦅🦅

  5. A most wonderful poem Jim, I loved it.

  6. Love the poem! Thanks so much!

  7. Thank you!

  8. That is a beautiful poem!

  9. Thank you for your great post.

  10. Wow Jim, that was beautiful! I love your writing. You should publish your poems. Thank you for tr he update!

  11. Looking at our 2 12-week-old eaglets (Honor & Glory) today, perched so high in the Tulip Poplar tree at the DC Arboretum, I immediately thought of the glorious poem you wrote —- it was a perfect example of “two little eaglets” (Glory has already fledged and has enjoyed soaring on the thermals, making perfect landings back to the nest each time.) Honor (the older eaglet by just a day) is still “thinking about it” – but we know it will be soon.

  12. “NOW” ,,, This is…..

  13. Beautiful poem Jim. Glad I finally found your group this year. I normally watch the Hays Eagles in Pittsburgh but they were not on camera this year. So I started looking around and ran into you. Thanks for all you do for the Dayton Eagles.

  14. I love your poem! It definitely describes how I feel when the eaglets are ready to fledge. I’m always grateful to watch the eaglets as they grow, but it’s so bittersweet when they fledge. Thank you for sharing!!

  15. Beautiful story and poem that I enjoyed now! Isn’t it wonderful that you can feel this joy annually?

  16. Our 2 eaglets have fledged here. Your poem tells of the days before first flight so well! Thank you.

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