When Words Fail Me

There are precious moments in every life when words are simply inadequate.

How do you describe the moment you hold your newborn child for the first time? What words can capture the melancholy joy of walking your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day or the loss and bewilderment in your heart as you hold the hand of a parent as they take their last breath.

Words fail us.

Our hearts are capable of embracing emotions that are indescribable. Loss, pain, fear, joy, exhilaration, surprise, love… the list is as endless as the experiences that ignite them within us and indelibly etch new memories upon our hearts. Those moments define us and change us. They flavor our lives. They are unexpected blessings and even when words fail, we are eternally grateful for every moment.

This past 2 weeks I have spent nearly 100 hours in or near the park awaiting the eaglets’ first flights, then following up on their safety and progress. Happily my emergency crate has gone unused. As I have talked to park patrons I have experienced indescribable moments with many of them.  I have heard them gasp at the size of Orv and Willa’s nest and I have heard their cheers as an eaglet takes wing.  Every single time I feel that thrill again! Visitors just casually strolling through the historical buildings and exhibits, unaware that there are eagles in the park, have become energized by the discovery of Orv and Willa’s presence. Some then end up spending hours lying on the grass, watching for activity in the nest. Others come specifically to see the eagles. They are the folks with binoculars, lawn chairs and cameras. Friendships are initiated and strengthened as we watch together. And many of the sights we have seen were beyond words.




DSCN6611etsRSCN6634e2sOften I have pointed out that eagles need their space to thrive and that federal laws prohibit encroaching on eagle nesting sites or harassing wild eagles. I practically beg people to stay away from isolated nests where human activity is uncommon because human presence may stress the eagles and even cause reproduction to fail. Many times I mention the wonderful opportunity that the Carillon Park nest presents as Orv and Willa are well acclimated to human activity in the park where we are like deer to them.

Over the years I have shared the wonders of the adventure as it has unfolded before us. Both triumph and tragedy have marked their story bringing tears of joy and tears of sadness. But the thrilling encounters that lie within the 65 acres of historical exhibits, now enhanced by Orv and Willa’s presence, cannot be expressed in mere words. Eagle watcher and photographer Doug Ottman captured several images today that well illustrate the possibility of witnessing unexpected majesty within the park. I will share two of his images here. There are moments in life that will take your breath away and that you will remember forever!


These are the moments when words fail me.

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